Did you hear about this at CSN??? RN program

  1. Hi everyone,
    I used to post here alot,still read alot, but anyhow. A friend of mine who is in the LPN to RN bridge at CSN and about 14 others(not all LPN"S) have gotten thrown out of the program recently. Here is why.They are in their final semester (10 weeks to go) and apparently the instructors told them they would be given a math calculation exam. They said you have two exams this week regular med-surg exam which is way more important and the math exam, don't worry about the math exam worry about the regular med surg exam so that is what the entire class did. 90 out of roughly 115 people failed the math exam. You had to have a 97% on the math exam or you failed. Thre were 33 questions on the exam. They told the class you will have to retake the exam, which they did.It ended up on the second try roughly 15 people failed again. They were called down and told not to report to clinical on Monday, they had to make an appointment with the Director.

    When they were hit with "withdrawl" forms from the program! They were told that they could re-sign up next semester.Well some people (not my friend) this was their last chance with the program so they are out forever! No refund on this semster, not even partial.

    The facts my friend told me:
    They NEVER informed anyone that they would be thrown out if they did not pass the test.
    They said there would be a review for the exam which was not offered.
    They are currently going to meet with the director and demand their money back for this semester and not count this as a withdrawl against them.

    We will see what happens.
    I am so aggravated, I'm an LPN currently lining up to get the rest of my pre-req's done with for CSN, and now am not sure at all.I'm starting to wonder if because of all the budget cuts, this was done to get some money or lower the class ratio to let instructors go.KWIM? I mean if they felt that strongly about the test why wasn't the test administered on Day one when they could dis-enroll and get a refund. How does everyone feel about it.
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  3. by   jjewels49
    hi I heard if the students don't get their money back they are going to the press. What does everyone think of that???:wink2:
  4. by   hdxdoode
    i did hear about this, i also talked to a lady and she got kicked out for the same reason. i just applied for the spring of 09 program but from hearing all this, it scares me a little bit. if 115 people took the test and only 15 failed, so am sure the test overall was pretty easy, but its still wrong what they did.
  5. by   NVhike
    I heard about this story just this past summer when I was taking a summer class @ nevada state. This guy from my class told me that he was listening to a radio station one morning and heard about a caller aggravated and complaining about CSN (something about a math test and people failed). I dunno if it's the same story you just mentioned but it is HORRIBLE!!.... to have spent ALL that money and just have to drop out or forced out! ... this guy from my class is from California trying to get into nursing schools here, apparently he thought it would be EASIER to get in, into nursing schools here... he's obviously mistaken. I told him ---->>> I'm not a native nevadan, but when you take those pre-reqs, ask around, people are usually on their 2nd, 3rd or more attempts... just hoping to pass or have a better grade!!... the competition for nursing school is quite brutal here... these people have been around LONGER than you and I have been, you'll see.... I think you're better off in Cali.. . . I don't think he believed me, but I'm sure he'll find out soon enough.
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  6. by   mickeymouse1205
    I think you misunderstood, on the 1st roun 90 people failed the test out of the 114 or 115. That is almost the whole class. On the second round only 15 people failed.. Meaning they had gotten 2 or more questions wrong. It is just obsurd.I am a nurse and I KNOW for a FACT that while math IS a part of your job, it is certainley not the majority of it. Even the Pharmacists have computers and calcualtors for this reason. KWIM. My whole point is not that CSN is a terrible school, it is that they should have had the common courtesy to let these students KNOW, if you fail your out, not pass it off like it was not a biggie. Out means forever for some. There is a girl included in this 15 people who had to withdraw last semester due to severe illness. Literally life or death, now because of this she is out for good. All this time, energy and MONEY for nothing. It is just enraging me, they should've refunded them at the least. C'mon they KNEW the test was coming they just didn't decide to throw it in for good measure. It doesn't affect me personally, but as a nurse I just feel it is another kick in the face, if that makes any sense. How can they sit there and wonder why people are leaving the field. Anyway off my vent LOL
  7. by   Echo1112
    So reading this post, it makes me a little nervous. I dont particularly like Math, and this seems extremly harsh, almost unbelievable. It seems to me they need to reevaluate the tests or how the instructors are teaching it. Do the instructors go over the math needed to pass? Because you really only need to have math 100B to get into the program, how much harder are these tests?
  8. by   mickeymouse1205
    The whole point is the instructors are not teaching it. Your right they all took 100b and passed as the pre-req requires. This was just an out of the blue thing,like "Oh by the way you will be having a math exam this week, we will review with you (which they did not) but you also have your regular (med-surg) exam, so don't worry about the math exam, study hard for the med-surg one, which they all did. They never once said you HAVE to pass this exam with a 97% or you will be withdrawn from the program.
  9. by   AussieAndy
    I'm surprised they weren't informed by whoever this instructor was. I'm not in the Nursing program yet but I know about these exams but I think they are ridiculous also. I didn't take 100B i took a statistics class so i'm worried about this though i've been told they offer a two week review class before the RN program begins and that you also cover it in your first semester in lab. If they don't then i'm screwed because the pre-reqs lists you can have a higher math class than 100B so at some point they would have to teach it or they should change that they ONLY accept 100B as the math class.
  10. by   ohmeowzer RN
    i was a lpn that went trough the bridge program at CCSN and i took all these math tests and they tell you in the begining that you must pass all the math tests with a 97% , i passed them all the first time. these math tests are no surprise.. you are handed them the first day of clinical... and are told during orientation about these tests... you have 2 or 3 tries , and you are out... they are important because you have to know if the meds you are giving are a safe to give the patients.... the pharmacist can make a mistake in dosing .. and you could kill someone by giving the wrong dose. you will also get math in the NCLEX... it'e very important..

    i graduated from their RN program and loved it and passed NCLEX the first time w/ 75 questions. all the LPN 's in my class passed and we all graduated together and it was awesome...

    now the last semester you will be getting a math test once a week... and it was kinda fun because we all tried to get 100% on every test .. and we did ... also in peds it is very spectular and very critical you have to know your math.. gosh i loved it...

    i am not a math guru but i practiced for hours because i wanted to not have to worry about passing ... we did have people who failed because of the math but they were allowed back in the next semester to try again.... i say practice it and do it over and over again... i dreamed it

    believe me if i can do it so can you
  11. by   RegNurstobe2008
    Oh ya that is true i am in 4th semester at CSN and 15 students were kicked out of program.

    We had math review class before the beginning of semester.
    They got 3 chances not two one was friday after the first test which was on Wed.
    CSN has strict policy to clear the math test and everybody knew that and it is like this::::
    if anybody will fail math test in 1st semester they are out of program so they need to reapply.

    In 2nd, 3rd, and 4th semester you can just sign up back for next semester unless u didnt withdrawn before.

    i figured out this semester had hardest math test, but instructors were nice so we got 3 chances otherwise u can get only 2 chances.

    and after first math test instructors spent lots of time with students just to teach math. I think students went to instructors' offices there was no particular math class (after 1st test) so it was one to one appointmnet and that is nice.

    i attended math review class and only 15 students showed up.
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  12. by   AussieAndy
    Thanks for sharing both of your experiences. I consider myself to be somewhat good at math so hopefully this is something i should try and not worry about.
  13. by   RegNurstobe2008
    you dont have to worry. if you will get the math problems before test and i think as we did you will do that in lab for practice and ofcorse by yourself, u will pass. trust me we got practice problems before test, it was worth to practice them because test was exactly same as of them, i mean same kind of questions we got in test.
    so bottom line your instructors will tell you in front what to do, and math test portion is in every class's syllabus so u will get it. .

    Quote from AussieAndy
    Thanks for sharing both of your experiences. I consider myself to be somewhat good at math so hopefully this is something i should try and not worry about.
  14. by   DesertRain
    I just wanted to say, I'm in 3rd semester at CSN and to be completely honest, these math tests are not a surprise. Everyone in the program is quite aware of these tests from day 1. They teach you the math that you need to know from first semester in lab. They give you plenty of time and opportunity to practice the math and there are math booster classes available for the students. The teachers make themselves available to the students who don't understand the math. If you don't pass, you get another chance but it is up to you to clarify with the instructor what it is you didn't get. And for those of you swinging away from CSN because of it, here's the reality: almost every nursing school I've heard of administers these math tests....just do a search here on allnurses.com and you will find these math tests are not a rare trend.
    Now, in saying that, I too despise math. I never even completed senior year math in highschool, and only took 100b with a professor who practically gave away A's. I worked my behind off to learn the math for nursing school and although I have not yet taken 4th semester math, I have gotten 100% each first time of taking the test thus far...and we too have lost students each semester for failing the math test...it's not just a 4th semester thing. And while I do agree that this math test shouldn't determine your future (failing out of the program with no opportunity to return---that's a much too harsh), what I can say is that it is what it is....a test, and if you jump in unprepared you get what you bargain for.
    The moral: Give everything your best effort and don't let the experiences of others instill fears in your souls and deter you from your journeys. You are only worth as much as you make yourself out to be. Study hard. Nursing school is no joke, but neither are peoples lives.