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  1. NVhike

    My personal ADN vs BSN debate in Las Vegas

    I agree CSN and UNLV are good schools. They SHOULD be, both their nursing programs have been around for more or less 30 years! They should've perfected their systems and they have. NSC's nursing program was just started in 2004ish, earlier this year they got their FULL accreditation! That's quite an accomplishment for 4 or 5 years? They still have a long way to go but theyre improving quickly. If youre going to work just as hard and put up with a lot of crap in nursing school, it might as well be for BSN don't ya think? You said you only have a few pre-reqs you need to take, go for BSN! Why not? I know I wish I did!
  2. this article was written on jan 2008. it's more of a bush administration problem, but i think it was also a clinton administration problem. in any case, it is a major problem now, with the economy and all. why is the us federal government lax with issuing visas in general? it's not just licenses to foreign educated/trained nurses but with all other occupations as well? i mean it's not like us professional jobs are falling from the sky (even before the bush years)? was there ever a time were professional jobs were falling from the sky? (sarcasm) the only time i can think of was the it boom in early 1990's... silicon valley. private computer firms there started to hire hundreds of employees from 'third world countries'. through the years, they turned into thousands of visas! other companies all over the us started doing this. then the it bubble burst and they still continue to hire people from 'third world countries' so they can pay them less. i hope this won't be the future trend in nursing! yay for obama for trying to save the nursing profession, but, he won't be the president forever. what if next president doesn't see it as obama sees it?
  3. NVhike

    So Many Students! Will Shortage Now End?

    as a nursing student myself, everyone who has posted on this thread should read the threads on nursing news from actual practicing, experienced, laid-off and recent rn graduates for months/year and read the real 411! hate to burst your bubble folks, but here goes: although the bad news is everywhere, i still choose to be positive and hope for the best. there is no "shortage" per say, nursing schools are pumping out graduates every semester by the thousands. the problem is getting them hired and it just didn't start this year, unemployment has been creeping up for the past year or so. also, because of the economy, there are more rns getting back into the profession and they're preferred to get hired as opposed to recent grads. retirement theory? --> (rns retiring) goodluck with that theory! read the postings on nursing news, you'll get the 411 from 'actual nurses'. read the comments from nurses and pay attention on what they really think: fox news-nursing: recession proof career? nursing education to receive influx of federal funds another article about sudden change in nursing job market
  4. NVhike

    Fox News- Nursing: Recession Proof Career?

    it's not just fox news, it's basically the media that says nursing is still a 'good field'. . . nursing is hiring hiring! if people only knew what the real deal is. unfortunately, there really isn't such thing as a 'safe career' any longer so, they have to come up with something! i suppose nursing is it. what's really sad is, no one really knows how long this 'depression' is going to be? or is it 'recession'? they both feel the same!. . . . sad but true.
  5. NVhike

    RN Aesthetician - Anyone have any input?

    i've heard of a few nurses in the past who do this kind of work part-time but they all have been nurses for a while though. i didn't know you can do it as a new grad. hope all goes well for you with the board of nursing and all. say, is this the one on sahara bon ? or do you have to go all the way up northern nv to talk them and check if your license is going to be alright? i assume you'd want some kind of paperwork stating that your license is going to be fine and not just verbal over the phone, right? well, i guess they can fax you something.
  6. NVhike

    today is the big day for CSN hopefuls

  7. NVhike

    TMCC Nursing - Crying and frustrated

    I think everyone who goes to nursing state schools feels like you do. State schools have been around much longer, they have at least 20-25+ years headstart compared to these "new" schools (except for NSC, but they're getting tougher too). State schools are preferred (price, tried & tested) Well, they should be! All those years of experience of perfecting their craft, they ought to be. I hate to say it, but students are just a number (it feels like this at times). It's just the way it is, I don't know if that'll ever change. It's a matter of how much one is willing to spend, willing to put up with (all schools have their 'rules') and how badly one wants to be a nurse! It's nursing school, it supposed to be a wild ride! It feels like you're the only one who feels overwhelmed/frustrated, but you're NOT. Just study harder, re-write the book if you have to, try to do your best. If they can't see it, and they chop you off the program anyway, then make sure you apply to one of the nursing private schools. Here's why: So that, when you graduate and make all that money, you can donate some $ to the school that helped you get your degree (as an alumni)! Make sure these schools stay open. Remember where you were and remember who helped you get where you are! If it means it's a private school, so be it.
  8. NVhike

    RN Aesthetician - Anyone have any input?

    I'd take it, sounds like a good deal. Besides, I hear it's not that easy anymore to get hired in our area as a new grad nowadays, take a chance!
  9. NVhike

    Recommended Teachers

    thanks vegas new grad! i've heard a few of these names.... i love the blonde one (i don't think i can mention her name) she was in the navy. she is very approachable and i like her style of teaching (straightforward). it's too bad she doesn't teach upper level nursing classes. she doesn't need props or games to make it interesting. the other one was ok, sometimes she's like a statue (she can't tell when her students are joking). i love them both in lecture though!
  10. NVhike

    Recommended Teachers

  11. NVhike

    Recommended Teachers

    if only that were true. i have nothing against any of the instructors so far, but students talk all the time. you went to csn years ago, it is a completely different ball game. for one thing, they didn't have this many applicants compared to now. a friend of mine graduated from csn about 8 years ago and i told her how it is now --> she was surprised, she said it was way different back then. she was in the csn rn full-time program back then, now she is an rn in california.
  12. NVhike

    aussie andy and others how's school?

    boy, i tell ya, i've never worked so hard for a class!. . . nurs 101 feels like it's equal to 3 classes. the first 4-7 weeks were brutal! overwhelming is the right word. especially the 6th week, it can either make or break ya! there is always something due in all or either lecture, lab, or clinical. the 9th week is where all the 3rd exams are taken, this is where most people either stay or withdraw. i know a few people who have withdrawn already. the pharmacology class is no cake walk either (it requires attention of course). i've interviewed an elderly person, 1 staff nurse and 1 nurse manager all in just one semester. they were all pleasant. a few of the nursing students say that it gets a little less hard on 2nd or 3rd semesters, which i think is doubtful, since the material gets harder. also, for the clinicals, students have to average 90% and above (for upper level semesters), this is what i hear. if i knew then, what i know now, i would've signed up for the part-time program! p.s. after this semester is done, i owe myself a few rounds of margaritas! and maybe a vacation in the bahamas!
  13. NVhike

    Recommended Teachers

    sorry i can't tell you that. since, i didn't have this prior information myself before i started the program. i don't think they're "bad" instructors per say, they just have a different way of doing things compared to other instructors. i can tell you this though, in my pharm class, there are several of them who are re-instatements. some of them said, it's because of pharm. (nurs 125b). i've met a few people who are re-instatements because of nurs 101. it's funny because when you first start the program, they don't tell you a lot (it's overwhelming enough). once you're in the program, that's when it gets interesting. the rn program is great, but the way the program is set up, you'll understand why a lot of people are re-instatements (if they're lucky enough) or fail. the program is doable, it's also an all-or-nothing deal.
  14. NVhike

    CSN RN Point system-What is the real wait time?

    the re-instatement pool is the pool of students who for some reason had to withdraw. if you're a full-time student, you have to pass both nurs 101 and nurs 125b. people who can't pass both or either one have an option to withdraw by the due date. you can only be re-instated once in the program. csn nursing program won't tell you this until you ask them. by the way, that 75% pass grade on exams & class standing for each class, are not easy to get but they are doable.
  15. NVhike

    Concerned about budget cuts to higher education.

  16. NVhike

    CSN RN Point system-What is the real wait time?

    i got accepted for spring 2009, the wait time is not that long. i don't remember exactly when i turned in my application, but if you get accepted, they personally call you. i'd say about 2 months wait maybe? this was last year. i know i had to go the k bldg a few times before i attended the mandatory orientation. take the required classes and the extra classes for points for now (trust me, you'll need them, especially for pharm)! by the way, if you get accepted, there is a mandatory day orientation for everyone (new applicants along with re-instatements) to the program, bring food and a drink. it's hard to concentrate if your stomach is growling and there is a huge line where you have to buy some meat (pizza/sandwich). csn nevada nurses student's association sells some stuff during the orientation, but i'm not sure if they have it every semester. by the way, for those of you who think that csn will be short of applicants, they obviously didn't tell you about re-instatements. if they have less new applicants, they just dip more into the re-instatement pool (you'll meet them along the way, if they chose to tell you).... goodluck ya'll!