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Hi everyone! Who among you guys are going to apply for the 2017 track? Either Spring or 2017! What classes are u still doing? Have you guys attended the Health Orientation already? I'm... Read More

  1. by   kaybah_jenae
    Trust me I know.... just do your own research also. Only the nursing administration in K106 and limited entry are the only ones I speak too. Even the advisors give conflicting info sad to say... you will figure it all out tho.

    Just make sure your application is complete, all official transcripts have been sent to AND evaluated by CSN, all subwaivers have been completed AND approved if needed, and your KAT or TEAS is done, along with attend the program orientation AND workshop prior to turning in your application.

    Exciting to see you all start the process. I remember when I was asking the same questions on this forum and now I'm about to graduate next semester. It goes by sooo fast once you start. You guys will enjoy it 😊
    Hi Navygirl8701,

    Can you please tell me what online school you took the pre Bio classes for nursing?
    I went to a private college in California for my LVN/LPN and the nurse advisor said those credits do not count, maybe I can receive a waiver also.
  3. by   NavyGirl8701
    I did human anatomy human physiology and micro biology at Marian university in indiana(online) and then had to submit a substitution waiver ... But I had a verbal approval from the biology chairman that he would approve those prior to taking them
  4. by   ellebelle
    Hi all. I'm applying for spring 2017. Not sure if I'm going for full time or part time. I've been done with all of my prerequisites for almost 2 years now. I was taking classes to get into NSC, after some evaluating I decided to stay at CSN and try to get in here. I know my GPA is great for CSN but mediocre for NSC. So I'm taking the guaranteed route. I just want to be in nursing school already. I've calculated that I have around 36 points before taking the Kaplan test. Has anyone heard of any good study material? I go on April 23, I bought the study guide, but have been reading bad reviews about it. I took the teas and failed the reading portion by 2%. So now I'm taking the Kaplan. Good luck to all, and let's keep on touch during this process.
  5. by   Elm773
    If you're applying for Fall 2017 they will be adding CNA course to the prerequisites to apply for the nursing program.
  6. by   ellebelle
    Quote from Elm773
    If you're applying for Fall 2017 they will be adding CNA course to the prerequisites to apply for the nursing program.
    I'm applying for spring.
  7. by   NavyGirl8701
    What! How many courses?
  8. by   FitNurse_92
    Hello everyone! I am applying to CSN nursing program for Fall 2017 -- I had confirmed with my adviser that unfortunately I have to take CNA classes before I apply to the program which in my case -- deadline for fall 2017 is on march 1st. I am currently taking bio 223 and I can't wait for it to be over. If I don't get enrolled this summer for CNA class I will have to take it on the fall semester with bio 224, I know it's crucial but hopefully I'll survive. If anything i'll just have to take math 120 this summer and take the KAPLAN test right away so the math part is still fresh lol. Is anyone here also applying for fall 2017? Good luck to all of us future nurses!
  9. by   NavyGirl8701
    Did they give you a list of how many CNA classes will be added to the pre reqs? I'm applying for spring 17 but the rn page hasn't updated yet for fall17... But If I don't get in I really don't want to have to take an extra semester of classes before I am apply again! I might just go to touro! If I'm gonna do that and get the BSN in less time!!!!
  10. by   FitNurse_92
    Oh so you're good then. Students who are applying this august for Spring 2017 doesn't have to take CNA classes prior to applying. At least that's what my adviser said. Touro's great! They have a great program and definitely faster. Alsoif its easier for you why not right?! I just have to stay at Csn for now since that's all I could afford lol.
  11. by   NavyGirl8701
    I've talked to touro on the phone but have t gone to an info session yet... I really want to because there really is not much info or reviews about them on the boards ! But I'll apply to csn with 29-30 pts... Wh oh I wasn't even going to bother... But at my advisor meeting she said the last few sessions were a miring in the low 20- high teens so i figured why not... But if I do t get in spring 17 I don't think I'll go to can at all with the program changes!
  12. by   Bricks13
    What are all the program changes you know about? I'm hoping to apply for Spring 2017, but possibly Fall 2017, depending on how everything transfers for me.
  13. by   NavyGirl8701
    Starting the fall2017 semester they will be adding CNA courses to the program pre reqs...