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Let's start a "You Might Be a Neuro Nurse If. . ." list!! I LOVE being a neuro nurse because it is crazy and adventurous and challenging and downright hilarious sometimes. Please add to the list!! ... Read More

  1. by   link51411
    1. you convince your pt. to sell you their car for 7 dollars
    2. you go to CTscan atliest once a shift
    3. you get to listen to whatever you want on pandora on night shift in the pt room
  2. by   fiveofpeep
    Quote from dhellwege
    3. you get to listen to whatever you want on pandora on night shift in the pt room
    ^ hehe sooo true!
  3. by   tamari07
    I know this thread is old, but have to continue :-D

    You might be a neuro nurse if...

    You find your patient eating the Thick-It Powder

    Your confused little lady has folded every towel and washcloth on the unit and is ready to fold more "laundry"

    You worship the god, Haldol (or Geodon :-))

    You find both your restrained patients in their wheelchairs at the nurses' station trying to untie each other.

    You find that the Veil Bed (posey bed) the best invention EVER.
  4. by   learner1108
    You know you are a neuro nurse if you can shake hands with an acquaintance outside the hospital and you assess their muscle strength in your mind. I laughed until tears came when reading these.
  5. by   CaliGrl1204
    - You've had a patient tell you that you are a bad person, that she likes you, AND that you will make a good nurse (I was a student at the time) ALL in the same hour.

    - A patient finds a piece of your hair on your scrubs and then proceeds to put it in his mouth and munch on it as he smiles at you.

    - Your patient keeps asking you why he is in jail.

    - Your patient needs suctioning, has ripped out his NG tube and needs meds, and has ripped out his IV from the only extremity that doesn't have a DVT.

    - Your patient leaves AMA because the nicotine patch just ain't cuttin' it!
  6. by   MLB55
    Your patients ask you for scissors to cut off these bracelets

    Propofol is your best friend.

    Your patients make a 911 call screaming they are being held captive
  7. by   busymom_rn
    You might be a neuro nurse if.....

    your patient looks up the phone number of the rehab facility and calls report in... ON HERSELF!!!!
  8. by   jenn8500
    You REALLY appreciate the days/nights that you actually have a CNA because they are not all sitting 1:1 with confused/disoriented/agitated patients.
  9. by   KelRN215
    While checking orientation, your patient tells you that he believes he is in "Some kind of Chinese food restaurant" and you don't laugh.

    You see random babies in public and assess their fontanelles.

    You spot people with nystagmus on the subway and wonder what's wrong with them.