Brain lesions and excessive sleepiness.

  1. Okay I have to admit neurology is my weak point in nursing. I know my basics but I come here as favor asking advice regarding everyone's experience in a dx. A person has been found with brain lesions around the occipital area. The doctors are still working to figure out a final cause however this person constantly falls asleep even standing up and in mid conversation;pretty much like narcolepsy. In everyone's experience could the sleep problems be potentially related to the lesions?
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  3. by   canned_bread
    I would wonder if this "sleeping in mid sentence" is related to a seizure? Has the patient had an EEG? It's odd that that occurs. Lesions can cause epileptic-like seizures.
  4. by   Karamia0x
    Narcolepsy does not cause you to fall asleep mid sentence.
  5. by   KelRN215
    Seizures or increased ICP. If the person is having mild seizures, he may be post-ictal when he falls asleep. When I had seizures, I would sometimes wake up and have no idea how I got to bed. The post-ictal period can be characterized by disorientation and lethargy. Increased ICP can affect level of consciousness.