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Neuro Nurse Practitioner


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I want to be a neuro nurse practitioner--specifically working with patients before and after and during neurosurgery. Does anyone here know if FNP would be the best route? (Due to the ability to work with both pediatrics and adults) And then possibly get a post-masters certification in ACNP? Any neuro NP out there?



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Anybody know?

If you want to work with neuro patients in the hospital, you should go the acute care adult nurse practitioner route or Peds acute care nurse practitioner route. You would have to choose of you wanted to do adult or Peds, they aren't done together. FNPs don't typically work in the hospital in a specialized area.

A Family NP is a primary care role. It does not prepare you to work in acute care or critical care settings. In some state, you may be restricted from working in specialty and inpatient areas with a primary care certification.


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I know very little about the intricacies of what NPs can do, but I happen to be at work right now and on the hospital wall is an explanation of the hospitals stroke outcomes study. I see many RNs and FNPs and DNPs listed on the poster. This poster explains the stroke treatment plan within the hospitals tele unit.

So it looks to me like there is a role for FNPs in acute care, under at least certain circumstances.

BTW: I'm in CA


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Oh, all of the NPs listed on the poster have a designation of either DNP-c or FNP-c or NP-c or FNP-bc, so perhaps that is a special designation due to special certifications.


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Thank you all for your input!!!

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I think it would depend on your area. Some states are going away from using FNP in acute care and now requiring an ACNP to work in-patient. I also tend to see surgical groups, such as neuro-surg at my hospital, perferring to hire PA's over NP's as PA's tend to be more surgical exposure in school.

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I know an excellent neurocritical care NP who is an FNP. (This is in NY)

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I worked on a neurosurg floor for over 4 years and all of the NPs I worked with were FNPs except one who was a ACNP. What mattered in their cases was their prior experience in neuro. My suggestion is to get a job in a neuro area which will go a long way when you become a NP.