Nervous about taking the NCLEX


Im about to take the NCLEX PN in less than 3 weeks. I'm very nervous about it, I have no idea what is going to be on the exam! I was in RN school but had to drop out in my 4th semester for personal reasons....I never went took me 3 years to decide to become an LPN for now...actually, because I waited so long I couldn't get back in to RN school, so anyway I just started studying....But have no idea what to study! Can anyone Please give me some advice on what to focus on? Will there be leadership questions? Have no clue! :confused::confused::confused:


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go check on the NClex discussion. you can learn from the thread posted.

First and foremost you got to talk to yourself to manage your nervousness on taking NClex. I believe you cause i feel that way after I completing my PN classes. Got more stressed when i failed my first nclex test. Told myself i dont want to put to waste the efforts i put up going to school to be a PN.

Good Luck


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Thank you for the advice...I check the nclex board...Thanks again


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So you,re going to take your exam by December? I am going to take mine next week and guess what i didn't go to school either for the program, I just did it online. Now i am studying by myself for almost 3 months now. I Just read the saunders book but haven't finished the whole book reading. I focused on the question and answers and read through the rationales. What i am doing is the one i don't understand i would copy them in my notebook and read through them over and over. Also understand your priorities, ABC's and Maslow's. God bless.


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Everybody is nervous. You just have to make your best effort to prepare. Good luck.


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Hi, Thank you for the advice. I have been studying old notes from when I was in RN school, but that was sooo long ago I have forgotten everything! I am pretty much doing the same thing you are doing.

Well Good Luck to you! I hope we both pass!