Nervous need help

Nursing Students NCLEX


Nclex rn thursday 265 question, quick results not ready yet but it say delivered success or whatever. When I try to reregister it said canidate exam on hold not able to register at this time please some one what does this mean

sounds like you may have passed? so you didn't get the credit card page...

I agree on the first comment. Yay! Congrats!

No cc page and the pass few times I have gotten it.

That means your result on hold. You have to wait and update the page!!

Wish you luck : )

Thanks, but this is so stressful waiting on top of 7 month pregnant. Hopefully after 2 day wait I can check with quick results in the morning....

I recently took my NCLEX PN on August 2nd - as soon as I took the exam after about an hour, I tried to reregister on my phone and couldnt - went home again and tried and couldnt -- yesterday (august 4th) I got my unofficial results (payed 7.95) and it said i passed!! I was soooo happy!!

Anyways, I agree with the other commenters - if you can not re-register I am pretty sure you passed - all my friends that could not reregister also passed =)

Thanks every one I have been a nervous reck

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