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needing advice, desperate to pass the nclex-pn

:confused::confused: i graduated last year and still hasn't pass, i took the nclex 3 times already and still nothing. i do work and i think that's one of the reason why im failing, also my strategy and materials to use and how to identify/figure out the right answer. please help me, im getting depressed:banghead:

How are you studying? Test taking anxieties?

I found that reviewing test taking skills really helped and remember the fundamentals (like ABCs, Mazlow's Heirarchy of Needs, etc).

Take 2-3 review books and read up on the test taking strategies (they're usually the first chapter). Try to do as many questions as you can to get your brain in the right mode. If you passed nursing school, there's not much more you will learn unless you cheated your way through. Eat a hearty breakfast and get enough sleep, be there early and stay relaxed. Also, don't over think the questions. When I was doing review questions, I realized that my initial guess was usually right - so go with your gut instinct.

I also found it helpful that a friend kept encouraging me and telling me that I was smart and had no doubt about me passing. :D

So, Scorpion, You're a very smart person, I have faith that you will pass the next time you take your exam. :yeah:

Good Luck!


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your noy alone in the boat.Dont give up.

You can do it just keep at it and it will soon come to past you have come too far down the road and just think you are one block over from your destination you cant turn around now!!! Make it do what it do!!!!!! You got this!!!!!!!:up:

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