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NEED suggestions for passing NCLEX

by 1stepcloser 1stepcloser (New) New

I have took the exam several times and cant seem to pass. I think I need one on one tutoring. open for allsuggestions. thank you

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How have you been preparing? When I studied for the NCLEX I tried to focus on what I didn't know or focused on content that I couldn't easily grasp in school. Do you know your learning style? For me I am more kinetic and auditory learner so I would Youtube topics that former nursing students or nurses would lecture on. There is one guy whose name I can't remember...something with last name Linares who has great videos out there. If I couldn't find anything on youtube I would find it through my study books and consolidate the information as much as possible, record myself and listen to myself several time to make it stick.

I did find Saunders and PDA by LaCharity two helpful study preps.

Also have you tried deep breathing, stress/anxiety management techniques? Through nursing school sometimes I would get psyched out by just missing the first question (our tests were mostly computer based and we couldn't go back to change answers). I tried alot of deep breathing exercises to help me stay calm....I even found myself taking deep breathes and trying so hard to stay calm because I felt I was running out of time (barely answered 70 questions and had two hours elapsed. I had mentally prepared to answer 265 questions but hoped I only had to answer 75 questions and pass). Towards about a week before the NCLEX I would look for as many questions I could find, not only answer them but read every single rationale.

Hopefully I've helped. Don't give up. Stay calm. Take a deep breath and say you can do it. After it's all done no one will care or ask how many questions you had nor how many times you've taken the test.

I haven't taken the exam yet, my test is august 5th. I decided to do one on one tutoring and it has helped. I've also used Kaplan and Uworld for online questions as we as several text books that were suggested to me. Hope this helps.

hell @kellz1031 Thank you for all your suggestions. I will utilize the online questions. Question where did u find the tutor I've been looking for one and can't find one?

its 'michael linares' videos on various topics

Hello rachelyp, BSN, RN

Thank you for information and study tips you provided. I will definitely utilize and apply in my studies. I am also a Kinesthetic and auditory learner. I just became aware of auditory style and found that it really does help me more. i will also try the deep breathing exercise, i have really bad test anxiety and my brain always seem to go 1000 miles per hr. lol... so i will try this technique. I also purchased the PDA book you referred.

Thank you I pray that this works...