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  1. UNC or DUKE Hospital

    My husband and I are relocating to the Chapel Hill area due to his work. In the area there are two major hospitals DUKE and UNC. Are there any nurses here who may have recommendations for one over the other. UNC is public and DUKE is private. That s...
  2. Nursing Student Study Tips Contest

    Read ahead or at least try to read ahead so lectures make more sense. Figure out your learning style and maximize it. If you've found yourself to be more visual/audio try to find videos/topics on Youtube or make your own recordings/videos. When study...
  3. Maybe I'm not a bedside nurse?

    Our career is so broad you can go anywhere. I live in rural area and my choice of acute care facility is very limited. I have respect for every nurse regardless of their specialty. I dreaded my med-surg clinicals because the nurses were overworked, u...
  4. New Grad Looking for OR Job/Training Program

    It all depends on timing and location. In my last semester of nursing school we have a practicum/110 hour internship with partnering hospitals in three main areas- med-surg, ER, and CCU and we rank them from the first choice to last choice. I had one...
  5. NEED suggestions for passing NCLEX

    How have you been preparing? When I studied for the NCLEX I tried to focus on what I didn't know or focused on content that I couldn't easily grasp in school. Do you know your learning style? For me I am more kinetic and auditory learner so I would Y...
  6. How much betadine to prep with?

    If it makes you feel better, when I first started in the OR I was a sloppy prep-er as well. The more you do it, you'll get better control of the sponges. It also never hurts to watch others on how they prep. Betadine is bacteriocidal and kills existi...