Need Some Advise. Want to be an RN: late 30's AM I TOO LATE?

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Your not too late. I graduated from nursing school at 32, but my study partner was 45. I'm sure you'll do fine with whatever you decide.

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I graduated at 37--it's never too late! Go for it!


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Hi! In my class students in their 30's and 40's outnumbered the younger students. Good Luck to you!


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I just went to an information session about the nursing program at the local college here, and they told us that the average age of their students is 38 - sure made ME feel better! :rolleyes:


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When I was in school getting my RN, I had 19 people in my class. 3 in their 20's, 5 in their 30's, 7 in their 40's and the rest were over 50! It's never too late to return to school. Good for you :)


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I will graduate in December - age 34......My best buddy in the program is 56. We have alot to give! So do you! :)

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