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Am in CA and i took my NCLEX-PN for the second time on May 19.My three weeks of wait end today June 9th. Am so terrified i cant even go to bed as i await the mailman tomorrow. The first time i tested, the comp shut off at 205 and this time it shut off on 85. I have been saying the St Jude prayer every day ever since i tested because i want to move on so bad onto my BSN. I have gotten alot of support from this forum and you guys are all so great. Thanks and join me in prayer as my fate is sealed.:sniff::confused:


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REALXXXXXX, I to had to take my Nclex twice. You are most definitly in my prayers. BTW, in NJ we can get our results on-line(at a cost of course) in 48 hrs. They do not offer that in CA?

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For Ca and PN they have to wait for written pass or fail. The procedure is slightly different and they will not see their name on the website until after they pay for their license on getting their results

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goodluck safarinurse


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The mailman came by today and still nothing.............. This wait is getting unbearable. I bet the best i can do is pray, sit and wait.

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