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Need some positive insight about interview

by trello trello (New) New

So, I had an interview this past week with a hospital that I did my clinical rotation at. The position was a .6 nights position on the floor/ unit I did my clinical rotation. I went to the interview and it was amazing. The chemistry between myself and the floor manager went great. She had complements about my answers, expressed how impressed she was with my list of follow up questions to ask, we were laughing at times..I mean overall it was an amazing experience. During the interview she even gave me a copy of one of the SOP's (policies) to refer to in the future. I took this as a good sign that she was going to recommend me for a position.

Well today, I got a phone call from HR indicating that they decided to fill the position with a more experienced nurse. Even though, I specifically was told by HR that I can apply for this particular position because they will fill it with a GN. I thanked her for letting me know and even asked if it was something that I could improve upon to make myself more appealing to their company. She said no there wasn't its' just that they hired too many new GN's.

She then offered me the opportunity to interview with a different floor manager for a position that was actually a .8 instead of a .6 and that the shift was AM/PM. It would be on an actual surgical floor. My questions are (1) would they have actually attempt to offer me another position (a better one) if they didn't want me? I didn't actually apply for this particular position, it was something HR was slotting me in to. (2) how do I approach this interview now? I feel like so much is riding on it but then I feel as if the same turn out will happen...I get another rejection phone call.

Any advise on this very much appreciated.


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It's a tough world out there. I was a Med/Surg manager for 5 years and I can tell you from experience that you must be careful not to hire too many new grads. The reason for this is patient safety. Seasoned nurses are more knowledgeable of care because they have been doing it longer. Their critical thinking skills have matured over time and they are excellent resources. That being said, new grads are great for a unit too because they bring fresh, new ideas straight out of school and seasoned nurses can learn from them as well. A unit just needs a good mixture of seasoned and new nurses. Many things are not learned in the classroom and are needed to give the best care possible. Seasoned nurses can give guidance to new grads. Hope this helps and good luck with the other interview. I think you should do it. No doubt, the manager will be asking about your first interview from the one that interviewed you. The unit you are applying to may have plenty of seasoned nurses and it could go well for you. Just don't give up...

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Sounds like it was floor dynamics taking precedent not you.

As far as the new position, they may like you and want you or they may have just told you about it because it's there and to appease you. In any case it doesn't matter, don't over think it just take the opportunity.

Prepare as you always would, know the unit, what do they see there (types of surgeries etc), review as needed, prepare for floor specific situation questions.


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It sounds like they liked you, but had to break a tie between you and at least one other candidate that they also liked. I have a second interview on Monday to break a tie between myself and another candidate for a position, but the manager said that if she doesn't offer me that one, she wants me to interview for another position on another unit (that she also manages). It's tough, because there are a lot of great, qualified applicants out there, and so many applying for the same few positions. The fact that you've made it this far, and they're mentioning other units says they like you and they're trying to make something work. :)

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I think you should go to the interview, be prepared, and be yourself. It's a reality that too many new nurses can be dangerous, there has to be some balance. I would imagine the manager of the 2nd unit you are interviewing for will discuss with the first manager and the HR staff you've interacted with.

It could be a really awesome opportunity. Or it could be something other than what you'd like, which may be workable for the mean time. Get some experience and then do whatever you want (this could also play into the concerns of the first unit).

When I started working, my first job sucked - I'd interviewed with two units, and picked the one I thought would be better for me. The managers competed a little for me, and I should have chose the opposite unit as it was better staffed and less clique-ish, but sometimes that is incredibly difficult to discern in an interview. Doesn't mean you learn/gain nothing though, there is always something to gain somehow/in some way.

I'd take it as positive that the only thing they commented on was being a new grad. That will be fixed with time. :) Best wishes!

My intention was to always go to the second interview, as I was very happy that the opportunity was extended to me. I am in the same position now where I haven't heard from HR about the position and felt that if they really wanted me they would have at least contacted me about setting up training or something. Now I was notified last Wed that I was denied and am thinking tomorrow I will get similar news. Some one told me that if they don't offer you a position right away they won't. Is that true?

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It sounds as though the interview went well. I think it is important to really show your character and personality. Generally speaking, I have been offered every position for which I interviewed. I would suspect that unit managers discuss how well the interviews went with HR. It would not surprise me that the recruiter would mention the other position, particularly if you interviewed well. Keep in mind that new positions tend to open up daily as new requisitions are submitted for open positions.

It sounds as though you’re on the right path! Keep it up- you will find something soon!