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I didn't pass the nclex the first time:mad:. I will be retaking it on Nov. 1.

I don't know what to do in the next few weeks except practicing questions. What is the best way to study for this test. I just couldnt understand why some people does poorly in school did well on nclex and some people did well in school couldn't pass and thats me. I don't know what else I should do.. need advice. :crying2: I've done kaplan review and saunders question but i didnt pass. what am I missing?


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You can be a 4.0 in school and not pass the NCLEX. School, for most classes, is not expanding on your knowledge or asking you to make decisions. You memorize the details of a disease in MedSurg and some nursing interventions, but it is hard, even with teachers who use "NCLEX style" questions, to ensure you're going to carry that knowledge and more importantly, the nursing process, away with you two years later for the NCLEX.

Alternately, there are people who don't score well in class, but do great in knowing their way through the nursing process and the ins-and-outs of various diseases.

But in the end, it could be something as simple as intuition, anxiety, test taking skills...don't try to count the differences between you and someone who passed first time down to small things.

Study, remember not to read into the questions, and learn the basics - you will never know everything about every disease. But if you know the nursing process basics, you can get a feel for an answer in many cases without knowing specifics.


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Study as if you had never tested before so that you don't leave anything out.


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thanks.. As for now should I keep practicing more question or should I study the nclex books? it's true that I'm not going everything. My score on the nclex showing that I need to work on management and safety. I thought i did good on it but actually it was my weakest so how do I improve on these two areas?

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I would suggest you concentrate on answering questions and reading the rationales. Only study if it is an area you are performing badly in when answering questions