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I am currently a Pre-Nursing student in Phoenix, AZ. I am going to be applying for schools after the Fall '09 semester and was curious to know if any schools in your state have no wait list. In Phoenix it is currently 2 years and I'd love to avoid it if possible. Relocating seems to be the option to do so, any help is greatly appreciated. By the way this is for the RN program, I'll be working on BSN at a later time.


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Broward College (formerly known as Broward Community College) does not have a wait list. They admit based on a points system which is based on your pre-req GPA. The pre-req classes are Enc1101, Chem, A&P1 with lab and A&P2 with lab.

To graduate, you would also need Micro and lab, a social/behavioral science, and a Humanities class with writing credit (or just a humanities class and another class that would count as a writing credit, like Enc1102, or Developmental Pysch).

The next application period is July1-Sept 15 for the Jan 2010 class.


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Thank you ;)


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You're welcome. I know there are other colleges that do not have wait lists, too, but I don't know all the schools and what the requirements are. The only I really know about is BC.

You can check out PBCC ( but they have more requirements, and an entrance test. Its also points based but I have no idea how that works.

Good luck.


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The programs here in and around the bay area (california) are two years and it's all by lottery pick. sounds to me like if you have a to be on a wait list is better than applying and reapplying with hoping each time to get in. Good Luck!


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What part of VA are you looking into? The school I'm going to is called Global Health Nurse Training Services. It's more along the lines of a private school. It's located in Northern Virginia in a city called Alexandria. There is no waiting lists at all. I took the entrance exam for the LPN program but then decided on the RN instead and I was in with no problem. I start in September.

Hope this helps!


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Seminole Community College, located in a northern suburb of Orlando, does not have a waitlist. They rank you this way:

Category 1: all pre-reqs done with GPA of 3.0 or higher

Category 2: all pre-reqs done with GPA 2.5-2.9

There are other categories, but they NEVER get in. In fact, not eveyone in category 2 will get in.

Within each category, each student is ranked based on:

-date pre-reqs completed (older gets first pick)

-GPA of pre-reqs only

-TEAS adjusted individual score

If you do not get accepted, there is no waitlist; you have to reapply and compete with everyone else in the future. But if you're pre-reqs are done and your GPA is very high, you're in.

Here's the website:

And their nursing page:


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Thank you for the response.


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The only wait list that I have ever heard of is after you have taken your TEAS and applied to school. Either you get in or are ' wait listed" until one of the other students decline that position.

It also depends on how many students apply vs how many spots are available at each individual school.


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I should also point out that Seminole Community College has a unique concurrent program with University of Central Florida. You do you RN-BSN with the University at the same time as you do your ASN at the community college. It works out that you graduate with your ASN, then 6 months later you graduate with your BSN. Most of the BSN classes are done online. The ones that are not online, the university brings to you at the community college. It's a FANTASTIC program. I'm doing it myself. I graduate next week with my ASN. In December I will have my BSN. I would recommend the program to anyone who can handle an extra class per semester.


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Macomb Community College, Michigan

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there are only a few colleges/schools in ri that offer nursing programs: university of rhode island (bsn), rhode island college (bsn), community college of ri (associate degree) and st. joe's (diploma).

none of these schools have waiting lists, but you need a high gpa and high grades in your prerequisites. all nursing schools in ri are extremely competitive to get into.

ccri nursing program (associate degree)

ccri just got rid of their waitlist and is now strictly grade-based. your best bet would be to take courses at ccri first, before applying to their program, since they have specific prereq's you'd have to take such as anatomy, physiology, human development, dosage calc, microbio, and intro to health careers. i believe they have 2 application periods per year. minimum gpa to apply is a 2.7, but accepted applicants have well above that.

requirements for acceptance into nursing:

1. a completed college admissions application including campus and day/evening selection. general studies should be first choice, nurs should be second choice.

2. an official copy of a high school transcript or ged including date of graduation or, if the applicant holds a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college/university, the high school transcript may be waived; college transcript must indicate completion and degree awarded.

3. completion of a standardized test (accuplacer) issued by ccri through the office of advising and counseling. competency of 90 or above is required on the reading comprehension section. if 90 is not achieved on accuplacer, engl 0890 critical reading must be completed with a b or better. it is recommended test of essential academic skills (teas) test not be taken until student has met with advising and counseling and has completed remediation.

4. demonstrate competency of math 0500 through a standardized test (accuplacer) with a score of 65 or above for the arithmetic section. if the score is below 65, the student may retest one time. on the second testing, if the score is below 65, the student must complete the math 0500 course and receive a b or better.

5. any student entering ccri nursing program must score 50 percentile or above on the test of essential academic skills (teas) in reading, mathematics and english. teas test can only be taken one (1) time per year.

6. completion of heal 1060 dosage calculations for medication administration, with a grade of b or better.

7. completion of biol 1010 human anatomy and biol 1020 human physiology, with a grade of b or better. human physiology must be completed within five (5) years of entering nurs 1010.

with the exception of those noted above, all required courses must have a grade of c or better.

8. completion of engl 1010 composition i, with a grade of c or better (engl 1300 will not substitute for engl 1010).

9. completion of heal 1000 introduction to health careers, with a grade of c or better.

10. completion of biol 2210, introduction to microbiology, with a grade of c or better.

11. all above requirements must be completed prior to acceptance for all nursing programs.

12. a cumulative grade point average of 2.7 or better is required for acceptance and must be maintained until enrolled in nursing i.

13. in addition to the above, evening/weekend applicants must complete psyc 2010 general psychology and psyc 2030 developmental psychology prior to acceptance.

14. complete preadmission degree evaluation.

15. complete and submit performance-based health sciences application form. deadlines are listed on form.

st joseph's school of nursing (diploma program)

st. joes is a diploma program, and they only accept applications once per year, in march.

application requirements:

in order for your application packet to be considered complete,

you must submit the following items:


complete application form with required essay


3 references on the forms provided


high school / ged official transcripts


proof of successful completions of high school or college chemistry


all college and post secondary official transcripts


results of accu placer exans [mathmatics, reading and writing] taken at ccri


certified check or money order for $75.00 as a non-refundable application fee


official hesi test scores for mathematics, reading comprehension, vocabulary and grammar

there are no january admissions.

note: application deadline is march 17, 2009 by 4:00 pm

i hope this helped somewhat....if you have other questions please feel free to ask. i am in ric's nursing, if you decide you want to look into bsn schools, let me know and i can tell you about those as well.

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