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Need MUCHO Advise!


ok, here i go....

I just got a job offer in the mail from Mayo in Rochester Minnesota. I still have 9 months of school left. I would love to take the job, but I would be 9 hours away from my family! I have always thought that family was extremely important, and I really want to live close to them. My family is pretty spread out, aunts in California, Arizona and Tennesee. I am the oldest grandchild, and I know that staying close is important to my grandmother, and my parents.

I also have had a job offer from the hospital that i wanted to work at back home. Its only 12 minutes from my parents, less money, but the cost of living is a lot lower too.

What do I do??? Mayo would be a wonderful experience, but My family is extremely important to me. Any Ideas???

Thanks for the heads up on the mass mailings. I had an interview with a recruiter in May, right before school got out. 5 students took the jobs last semester. The recruiter from Mayo usually comes here atleast 3 times a semester, and several students get offers, and a few actually take the jobs...

The career move would be wonderful, but I am not sure I could say that It would be more important to me than staying close to my family here.

I have 2 weeks to give them an answer, I guess i have a lot of soul searching to do.



Hi Brandy,

I agree with Wildtime. This is a decision you must make. In my opinion the distance from your family is a valid concern. I think our first year in nursing will be a tough transition in itself, and for me at least, having a solid support group will be of great benefit.

By the way, I also recieved a letter from Mayo with a job offer. I'm from Rochester originally and have family there so it is probably a feasible option for me. However, I live in the twin cities and will most likely stay here when I graduate. Rochester is a very conservative town. The hospitals are great but huge!!! If you have any questions about Rochester let me know.

Good luck in your decision, you do have quite a bit of time before you have to make up your mind. Try making a list of the good and bad points of both positions. I find this often helps me to see things more clearly.

- Roberta

Okay, I'm gonna offer a different point of view here. If it were me in your same situation, I would be packing my stuff for Rochester faster than you can say 'U-Haul.'

Look, your family loves you. They support you. They will always be there for you, and you can always get a bus or plane ticket home if you need it. But Mayo??!!?? That's a once in a lifetime opportunity for some people. You're young, you're single, you have no children...plus, from reading your other post about wanting to be a doctor eventually and starting college classes during your junior year of high school, you're obviously a risk-taker in some respects. This may be the last chance you have to go out into the great unknown. Scary as it sounds, I've done it, and it was THE best decision I ever made in my life. Sometimes you've just gotta jump and see what happens. If you fall and go splat, fine...you can go work at the hospital 'back home,' which I'm sure will still have an offer for you.

If you're going to be a doctor, there will come a time when you'll HAVE to be far away from your family, more than likely during residency. All I'm trying to say is, yes, family is important. But you can still be 'close' to them without being geographically close. Don't sell yourself short of what could be a life-changing experience because you're afraid to let go. Think about it...

Hello Brandy,

I do agree with wildtime, and bassbird, it is truely a large decision and one you have time to make wisely. I didn't go to nursing school until I was older, I was a an OR tech for most of my twenties, and I did move for a job and I am glad I did, I got to travel, and do a lot. I lived in a very small coal mininig town in Pa and couldn't wait to break free!!

Now however I have a family of my own, married a submariner and traveled even more. Hawaii being the farthest. I now live in New England and miss that my kids don't live down the street from our family. My husbands family is in Virginia and it is hard to adjust our time and travel between the two families. One of the biggest strains, in our marriage is where to live, I of course want to live near family he recently got out of the military and loves New England.

I guess what I am trying to say is that people move for many different reasons, family is important, but so is spreading your wings and experiencing life. Take time to consider your options, it sounds like a really great opportunity to consider a job at Mayo, it sounds like you are young and responsible, and since your family is so close to your heart, that you would arrange to see your family as much as you can and need to.

It gets harder when you settle down and have a family of your own, to be able to take a dream job because you will have others to consider besides yourself. I was offered a job at Yale when I graduated but, did not take it because it was too far to drive and I have small children, to consider.

When I was younger and lived closer to my family I didn't visit as much as I should have and now I regret that. But, now I travel a lot to see our families in Pa and Va. It is doable!! And easier to travel when you are younger and not traveling with a 2 year old and 4yr old LOL.

Just weigh your options, because there will be many when you graduate!! It is great to see that you are a thoughtful person, you will be a great nurse!!

Good-luck with whatever you decide!!!! :D Keep us posted.



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Brandy, see if they will spring for a visit. Vanderbilt did that and I had a wonderful visit there. I would have taken it in a skinny minute but my family didn't want to move. Those big places do send out bunches of "notices" I can't call them offers. I seem lately to get a lot from PRISONS....wonder if they're trying to tell me something?

Go ahead and send out inquiries EVERYwhere!!

I still get some mailings from places I applied to back in the 70s !


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Brandy it is a personal decision you must make. It is tough to move away from family especially when you have been near them all your life. I am seriously thinking of moving out of Kansas City when I am done with school and moving to either Texas or California but that would mean I would be moving away from family and not only moving myself but my daughter too and away from her grandparents. You have to think about what you want and what is best for you. Also do you love cold snowy winters because the weather in minnesota gets pretty bad in the winter time. It is not easy but sometimes one must do what they feel is best. What do you think your family would think? It sounds like you are pretty close to them do you think they would want you to live out all your dreams and follow what you want. I keep telling my parents all the time that I am afraid to leave them they keep telling me to do what is best and I can always come home and visit anytime and they will come visit me.


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Check into the jobs available at Mayo. It would be a tremendous experience for you as a new grad. You can always visit your family on your weekend off. If, after a while, you don't like it at the Mayo Clinic then by all means get a job that would put you closer to your family.

Just my 2 cents.


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