Need to list 3 signs of elder abuse.


When I did this in class, my professor wanted 1 word to explain each abuse.



3)Depression -----Instructor didn't like this one.:uhoh3:

4)Weight loss------not sure about this one.


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Sexual, financial, undermedicated, overmedicated, desertion, emotional, dislocations, sprains, welts, scars.

Not sure if that is what you mean but I hope it helps


Unkemp/dirty clothing

Smells bad-stale urine or feces

Anxiety when primary caretaker is in the room

Skin tears

finger nail marks in the skin

cognition improves when hospitalized, but has problems with cognition at home

R/T overmedication, poor care, no mental stimulation.

Marks on the wrists and legs consistent with being tied to a chair. Ex:rope type burns.

spiral fractures

injuries not consistant with caretakers discription of events.

Vaginal bruising/tears

**The last three are also consistent with suspected child abuse, but I think they also go with elder abuse. I think I'm pretty on target from what I remember from the first semester. Does that help??


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bed sores would be a sign of neglect


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Change in behavior

Fear when attempting to provide care

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