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I've been a Nurse for 1 year. After graduating I had a hard time finding a job, and opted to start at an LTAC facility to get my foot in. Now, I finally got called by a few hospitals with offers. Of course I accepted. Better experience and more $$. At LTAC, all I was doing was popping pills. I was starting to forget how to think critically. I put in my 2 weeks of notice, and after 1 week, they terminated me. Their reasoning was that other Nurses told them I dont answer call bells. Which was false. I wear hearing aids. I can hear fine without them, and I dont even wear them at home, but I need them when Im around noise and when talking to people far away. I have them amplified at work. How is it that I worked there for 1 year, and no one ever brought it to my attention, until now??? I never had an issue hearing heart sounds, breath sounds, bowel sounds, let alone call bells and monitors. I explained to them that I am surprised since I worked for 1 year with no issues. I also told them that if 2 machines are going off at the same time, its a matter of prioritizing. They disagreed with me. I think, they are upset at me for leaving, and decided to use my hearing against me, to make it seem that I cant function. Any input guys??😣

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Not much you can do about it. Move along.

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Not answering is different from not hearing. Unless you are union or under contract, they can let you go as at will.

I am union, 1199

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Well, if you believe you were discriminated against or unjustly termed, speak with the union representatives and see your options.

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If they terminated you after you resigned and gave adequate notice, it seems logical to me they came up with a specious reason to terminate you. It strikes me as vindictive, so be glad you accepted a new job. I can't see how pursuing this further will result in an outcome worth the time and stress involved. All the best to you!

Am I the only one who noticed that she said "popping pills"??? I hope you meant to say PASSING pills!

They come in strips, we, the nurses, "pop" them out of the strips before "passing" them. This is how it is referred to here. I hope that clarifies better.

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