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Need Help With Re-examination


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I took the NCLEX last August 16 and failed the third time. I contacted my Board of Nursing which was NY STate regarding the whole process of applying for a re-test and they told me that I only have to contact pearsonvue.

is there anyone out here who knows the whole process of re-applying for a re-examination? please help. i'm completely lost.:o

you only have to pay your Board of Nursing and pearsonvue.

nothing else.

janina08RN, RN

Specializes in Pedia Cardio--- 6 yrs ago!.

do i need to fill out some forms? coz NY doesn't send out re-examination forms along with the letter that says "FAILED".

hi! I too had the same question regarding reapplication procedures for NY. i called them up and they simply told me to pay directly to pearsonvue and to call them back when u have payed pearson and the 45 day wait is over so they can contact pearson to send you the ATT. They were fast about it. After i have payed the exam fee, i called them up and the next hour my ATT was sent to me. there was no need to pay NYS reapplication fees...i know i didn't and was able to take the exam again and pass...goodluck to you!

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