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need help uploading saunders in mac


Hi please help me upload my saunders comprehensive review nclex-rn exam fourth edition cd in mac?i tried to run the cd base on the instructions inserted but still invain..do i need to buy anything?


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my saunders nclex-rn 4th ed did not load either in my imac even though it said it was compatible. so i gave up and installed it in my laptop with windows and did not have any problem.

why don't try calling the publisher/customer service of the book and see that they say?

angel, rn

I'll try to call them on monday...tnx

Seems I remember instructions being discussed in the NCLEX forum a long time ago if you can find it.

Thank you.. if i have time i'll try to find it.


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I had a problem with mine too - drag the files to your desktop so that everything is transferred from the CD to your hard drive. I did that, got an error msg but then tried to launch it again and it somehow worked, lol. The joys of technology!