need some help/tips on A&P1


am taking anatomy and philosophy 1 as part of my pre-requirement in the Fall, any help and tips on it please i would kindly appreciate it.


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When you are learning the names of anything in anatomy, it will help you to remember it by looking at a picture of it at the same time. Anatomy is all about structure, and it will make more sense if you can see it. Also, don't try to be a perfectionist or you might get behind. Learn it well, yes, but try to see the big picture of how the structures work together and you will be well off.

I am taking AP 1 now and also took it previously (and passed) in a massage program. The way we learned in massage school was drawing bones/muscles on each other. It helped A LOT to be able to see the bone and muscle and where they attach to. Also theres a really cool Anatomy coloring book that is helpful when beginning to learn bones and muscles.


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thanks alot for the positive feed back :) iwill take to your advice


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At my school we have A&P 1&2 in one class worth 6 credits. Is that going to be a lot harder than taking two semesters?

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Take photos of what you will tested on, get plastic sheets and dry erase markers, lay the plastic sheets over printed pictures and label away. It works!!!

I like your idea SO much better!! We just used lotion and grease pencils. :)


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Go to your schools anatomy lab or science lab frequently! I spent about 4 hours a week there ( outside of class) to study the different models. It really helped me do well on my lab practicals.