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Ok all ,

FIRST I am veary sorry if I upset anyone with my MRI question post I did not think of it as "asking a personel advice question I was thinking of it as a how this is done question " I like to ask questions and did not think about it I also posted it in two places because I had no idea how to deleat a post . So please let me know how I can deleat a post so I do not get in trouble again also please e-mail me and ask me if I meant to do _ because I may have not meant to do somthing or asked somthing the way it came out .

Also please tell me what points are I can find no refance to them anywhere .


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I think you can just send a message to one of the staff/administrators and they can delete a post for you. Hope this helps! :)

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Have you had an open MRI, that might help with feelings of claustrophia. I've had CT Scan and MRI before and didn't realize how difficult it is. I never thought of myself as claustrophic or fearful, but I now see why people are afraid and don't like them. You can be so enclosed and feel trapped. I was so scared first about if they found something wrong (headache ? tumor) have family history of, my teeth were shattering and they were telling me to lie still. I was doing the best I could. So I think your fears are normal especially given the allergic reaction with the dye.

Talk to your dr and the MRI techs about what can be done to make it easier on you. I gave 2mg IV ativan to someone before an MRI, young, healthy and they fell asleep right before my eyes. Usually you give ativan to a agitated person and it doesn't work like that, let me tell you, if only.

I'm sure the dr and MRI staff could come up with a solution to you for next time and if an open MRI would help.

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We are not designed to answer medical questions regarding your individual care.

We can help with patient related questions when they refer to a work-related issues.

However, when you personalize it, that is what crosses the line into medical advice.

We wish you well with your care.

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