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OK yes.. I am familiar w/ the LPN scope of practice... BUT... this is where I am stuck...

I was asked to do a blood draw @ HH visit... I am not certified to do so... BUT I did take phlebotomy I do know how to draw blood...BUT since I did not get certified... can I legally do this? I need input please?

Depends on the laws in your state. Does your Board have a website or contact person? You better find out before you do anything.

At a hospital around where i live, ER techs draw blood for orders. I don't see why an LPN couldn't if techs can. Seems to me that if you can start an IV, you be able to draw blood. but i guess that's up to your policies.


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Like Purplemania said, check with your BON first: if it's OK make sure you follow all your agency policies.

In Texas, nurses draw blood all the time both in HH and facilities. LPN's must have a special IV class here, I believe, for it to be allowed in their job description and regular duties.

Phlebotomy and IV's aren't part of the LPN curriculum here, I assume. Might be different elsewhere though.


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In California LVNs may draw blood. Unlicensed certified phlebotomists may if working for ans supervised by the clinical laboratory or in most outpatient settings with only a doctors order.

Check with your licensing board.

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