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Need some help and a little encouragement

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I am two years out of nursing school with many attempts at the NClex and still havent been successful. My spirits are down but I am not giving up and I need some advice on study materials, study guides that can be provided and maybe just some general encouragement. I am currently working, but it stinks 1) not working as a nurse and 2) its discouraging working with fellow students i went to school with who are nurses and I am only a tech still.

Thank you in advance for anyone that answers I appreciate the comments.

RNfindingherway, BSN, RN

Has 1 years experience.

Hold your head up high! You came thus far so you can't give up now. Many of us are in your shoes and we are not giving up. NCSBN-learning ext and Hurst are great together. Change your study method and try again. If you believe in the power of prayer. Pray like you never did before. Remember, the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong, but to those that endures to the end. ENDURE! ENDURE! ENDURE!

I would suggest you first figure out what your weakness is... Is it test taking strategies or lack of content knowledge? Kaplan helped me with prioritizing questions but I felt that Hurst and Saunders NCLEX prep book helped me a lot more. I figure if I know the stuff, I eliminate the "guessing".

Do plenty of questions through out the day. Always review the answers and rationales. If you don't understand or agree, go and look it up in the Saunders book or even old school books.

If you feel that you are strong in content, then focus on your test taking. Do you have test anxiety? Learn relaxation techniques too... Not sure how much help I provided but I hope you pass this next time around!! (Google stuff online too.. there are so many NCLEX help files online)