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New grad as of 1/2015.

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  1. Love.Nursing

    CSU Stanislaus VS CSU Fresno

  2. Love.Nursing

    CSU Stanislaus VS CSU Fresno

    How do you like it? I have just applied to the program last week, and should hear back by June about whether or not I was accepted.
  3. Love.Nursing

    CSU Stanislaus VS CSU Fresno

    Hi.. Im not sure if you're still checking this site... But I was wondering which program you decided on.
  4. Love.Nursing

    Fresno City College RN program

    During my last semester there, faculty was discussing what they were planning on doing with the next summer cohort. It actually may be taken off completely. Its best not to even think about it right now since they are probably undecided on what they can do--- Its not just up to faculty, but also facilities that are willing to host students for summer clinicals.
  5. Love.Nursing

    Fresno City College Fall 2015

    I just sent you a PM-- Check it when you are able to :)
  6. Love.Nursing

    Fresno City College Fall 2015

    Good luck! I finished the FCC program Dec 2014 :) 1st semester I was in school 5 days a week (that included a clinical at the end of the first 9wks) 2nd semester-- 4 days a week w/2 days for clinical (1 was every week and 1 was every other week) 3rd semester-- I took in the summer 5 days a week with a Saturday clinical 4th semester-- 4 to 5 days a week alternating. You can commute, but if you can find a cheap room to rent during the week, I would recommend that!
  7. Love.Nursing


    Why so much hostility in regards to apple products being Junk/Overpriced? Yes, its a bit on the pricier side but I can honestly say I haven't had an issue that wasn't immediately addressed by Apple. Issues I had were very minor and was easily corrected by online help desk. I have iPad, mac book pro and iPhone--- Way less glitchy than PCs and Droids. If you want flashy then u should go with Driods/Samsung/Nexus as those allow for all sorts of modifications and personalizations. From personal experience my old mac book was good for 6yrs before I purchased my new one. I still have my mac book and use it to store photos. Higher priced? Yes.. but worth it to me since it is dependable and long lasting. Like another responder said, it all depends what you want the tablet to be used for. If its for quick things like apps an information look up, then yes, go with a tablet. But if you want it for papers, presentations etc, then go with a laptop type device. Yes, iPads and samsung come with keyboards, but the programs are usually not as great as the actual ones provided for laptops. Hope that helps.
  8. Love.Nursing

    **POLL** New 1st Year RN Salary

    1) State CALIFORNIA 2) Hourly Salary $29 3) Experience, if any NONE 4) Specialty, if any MEDSURG
  9. Love.Nursing

    CSU Fresno RN to BSN

    Sorry-- I found a CA nursing page.. and reposted there. Cant find option to erase this one.
  10. Love.Nursing

    CSU Fresno RN to BSN

    Hello All! I was just wondering if anyone here has taken the RN to BSN program at Fresno State? I have just applied and wanted to know what past student experiences were-- Im hoping good experiences but would love to hear good or bad. Thanks in advance!
  11. Love.Nursing

    Hurst content videos???

    Have you tried Saunders NCLEX prep books? I used an older version (yellow cover) and felt it was pretty in depth with explanations. I used Kaplan for the questions and whatever I got wrong or didn't understand, I would look it up in the Saunders book. If that didn't help, then I went to my nursing school books. Good luck!
  12. Love.Nursing

    I PASSED AT 265!

  13. Love.Nursing

    Need some help and a little encouragement

    I would suggest you first figure out what your weakness is... Is it test taking strategies or lack of content knowledge? Kaplan helped me with prioritizing questions but I felt that Hurst and Saunders NCLEX prep book helped me a lot more. I figure if I know the stuff, I eliminate the "guessing". Do plenty of questions through out the day. Always review the answers and rationales. If you don't understand or agree, go and look it up in the Saunders book or even old school books. If you feel that you are strong in content, then focus on your test taking. Do you have test anxiety? Learn relaxation techniques too... Not sure how much help I provided but I hope you pass this next time around!! (Google stuff online too.. there are so many NCLEX help files online)
  14. Love.Nursing

    Pearson Vue Trick 2015 Latest

    I did the PV trick and it worked for me.. I strongly suggest waiting at least 24hrs before trying so that you don't get the false fail. I have not heard from any of my friends who have tried the PV trick where it showed the "good pop up" and ended up failing. Good luck!
  15. Love.Nursing

    Failed my NCLEX-RN in 85 Questions

    Hello.. Sorry to hear that you didn't pass. I also used Kaplan but didn't utilize the decision tree. I felt that it stressed me out more and caused me to spend more time on the questions than necessary. I did however, complete all the q trainers and q banks. I did approximately 100q's a day. I also listened to some Hurst videos, skimmed through Saunders NCLEX prep books on subjects I got wrong in my q trainers and q banks. I noticed that my weakness was content, so I focused on understanding rationales before moving forward. My other weakness was prioritization--- which Kaplan did help with. ABC & potential vs actual. hope that helps :)
  16. Love.Nursing

    Carrying insurance

    Thank you for this thread. I was also thinking about obtaining personal liability... Which I am definitely going to do.