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Need help getting etting money (help) for CNA classes


I will be laid off of my job in late July here in central PA. And the local community college is waiving the application and tuition fees for dislocated workers if you go thru PA career link (for the appropriate paperwork). Normally classes cost $585.00, includes textbook. On the paper it says they would cover whatever financial aid didnt. This does not include uniform, shoes, etc. My husband is on disability and I could get unemployment for the duration. Is there any other help that I might be able/qualify to get?

The classes is only 14 days or part time for 25 days.

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maybe scope out places you would like to work. some long term care facilities will pay for your school if you work for them for X amount of time.


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Here are some places that you could look for cheap supplies:

www.marcusuniforms.com has the whole scrub sets for $12. They also have clearance nurse shoes at www.allheart.com for 8.99. The steth/bpcuff set will run about $18. you can get a cheap watch at walmart for $5 - $10.

Also, I agree with Qbert, many LTC facilities will pay for CNA classes as long as you work for them afterwards.

Financial aid dosen't cover the CNA course here, I wish it did, but I know that when I get financial aid for my pre-req classes, they always give extra for other expenses such as travel, books and supplies.

I'm not sure what else you could apply for but I hope those sites help!!

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Wal-Mart carries just about everything you need. I've seen scrubs for about $10-12 per piece and you could get away with one set if you wash it every night. That's what EVERYONE in my class did. *Check what colors you need before you buy!* I found a stethescope and blood pressure kit for $15 (for both) in the pharmacy section the other day. Watches start at $5 and you'll need a pair of leather-type shoes. Probably white.

Now, because my CNA class was accredited, I was able to get a grant from my tribe because I am Native American. Your best bet would be to talk to someone at the office that handles financial aid. They will be able to answer all of your questions and help you find funds.

Good luck!

i dont know if this may help but maybe try your local dept of social services office public assistance office maybe they can loan u the money and u can pay it back or get assistance just for the training an entire grant/voucher. they may b able 2 help u, good luck & know if there is a will theres a way

Also, check Craigslist and the paper for yard sales. I found some scrubs on craigslist the other day, very reasonably priced. My mom recently bought some at our local Farm King. She said they were priced low as well. Also, if you have a Gordmans, they have some, just not much of a selection.

i know which program you're talking about...hacc, right? i just finished my cna course with them in april!

first - no matter where you gain employment afterwards, as long as it is a long term care facility, they are required by PA state law to reimburse your tuition!! you have to work 130 hours to be reimbursed the first half, and another 130 hours to be reimbursed the second. now, if you end up getting a job in a hospital, (which is my situation) you will not be reimbursed the tuition, but that's something i personally am willing to sacrifice because i prefer to work in a hospital verus a nursing home. although from what you mentioned earlier, it sounds like you have that part already taken care of, correct? your concern now is with the "extras" that you need to purchase out of pocket...

hacc's uniform policy is that you'll need to wear all white - white scrub top, white scrub pants, white socks, white shoes, white, white, white!! i purchased 3 sets and actually ended up not liking the way one of them fit so really, ultimately i alternated between the other two. i just did laundry every other day. where do you live? because i was recently told that there's a place in ephrata that sells super cheap t-shirts, etc. and that they have cheap scrubs as well...i haven't been there yet myself, but i can let you know where it is if you're in that area. i would also suggest checking craigslist or ebay. in fact - what size would you be looking for? because if the size matches i may even be willing to donate a pair to you, you won't see me wearing all white anyway now that i'm allowed to wear any color i want!

i found a $10 watch at burlington coat factory. all you need is something that has a second hand - doesn't have to be fancy.

make sure you keep receipts for EVERYTHING you buy! you can use them at tax time for deductions.

no need to buy a blood pressure cuff/scope - they provide them in class and you're not expected to purchase your own.

while the upfront expenses may seem hefty, it more than pays for itself in the long run. just a few weeks of your time, and the successful passing of the red cross exam and you're able to find a job earning $11+ per hour! oh - one more thing, just a head's up so hopefully you can prepare ahead of time...the cost to take the state exam is $102.00. you'll want to register to take your test as soon as the class is finished because it takes a few weeks for them to schedule you, at least you will if you want to start working asap...so just be aware that after the class is all said and done you're going to be hit with the $102 right away.

well, i hope some of this helps...let me know if you have any questions. i really enjoyed the program through hacc, i was very well prepared for the state exam.

Try your local unemployment office or job center thats how I got mine totally paid for my course is lengthy and in detailed we are learing alot of skills i didnt know we would but anyways there was some Federal Grant money for people going into the healthcare field it covers my scrubs,books , stethoscopes, physical, shots,cpr course and certification, and my final exam and certification just about everything but shoes paper pens things like that but all the expensive

things were covered . So maybe theres something like that in your state. Good luck.

Thanks LPN Grad! I just spoke with the community college and you can not apply for financial aid for this no credit class. So Im hoping the careerlink/community college will waive the whole fee when I am unemployed.

I did want to mention that many facilites in PA offer on-site training. Some of them do their own, and others offer it through programs like HACC's. The facility where my HACC classes were held is in Myerstown. Two of the girls in my class had been hired by that facility, and they were actually getting PAID while they took the class. So there they were, collecting a paycheck for the same thing that I shelled out $585 for PLUS they were guaranteed jobs at that facility afterwards!! (I imagine HACC works out some kind of deal with the locations where they conduct their programs - they train employees in return for use of the place or whatever.) Anyway, the really sweet part about that kind of deal is you get paid to train, plus you have a job once you're finished, oh yeah, and they'll pay for you to take the test - basically you're sponsored for everything. They will also allow you to work prior to taking your state exam. In my case, I paid my for my own class, and once it was finished I started applying for jobs, but basically no one will hire you until you pass the test...but in a situation like what I've been describing, you're permitted to work during the time between the end of your class and taking the test...I think you have like 100 days. So my suggestion is to research your local long term care facilities to see which ones offer on-site training and go that route. You really can't beat it! Good luck!

I've called around to a bunch of places, and they all said you had to go thru HACC basically. Thanks though. I will continue to look.

Sorry to hear that you didnt have any luck, like I said I went through the Community College where I live and its not finacial aid but some sort of grant that the government issued for people entering into the healthcare field I dont have to pay anything back maybe its just for our state I dont know thats just what I was told and I know Im not out of pocket any money try the unemployment office or a job center they might have something. Good luck and best wishes. I hope all works out.

I was curious to kno wut program u were talking about that cost $585 including books..I live in PA also and can't find a class no where near that cheap..PLZ HELP

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