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I'm thinking of relocating for school and have been looking for a job for the past month with no luck. I have applied to about 15 facilities and have yet to receive a call back. I'm looking jobs in Orange, west orange, livington, Morristown,Chatman...............any help would appreciated.

Dear amazing,

The lack of a nursing job market has been in this diarray for AT LEAST 4 years. Non of the "big name" hospitals are hiring unless you have experience. I've seen it over and over and over and over again that once a student graduated from a nursing program, they have that sense of entitlement of "Well I graduated. Now gimme my job." It doesn't work that way. And that's a big wake up call many students have to deal with. Although Texas seems to be hiring nurses. Just to let ya know.

SW Florida is hiring

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Move! I have been out of school for 7 months and still don't have a hospital job. I printed out a list of every hospital in NJ and have applied to them all. I began applying in PA, NY and CT with no luck. Somehow I landed a job as a per diem nursing instructor which was a miracle, but I need a hospital job. I'm starting to regret picking nursing as a career :(

Im in last semester of a bsn program, everywhere we are doing our rotations at (Big name hospitals too) the nurses say HOPE your willing to move to the west coast or midwest cause there are no jobs in NJ... funny how people thing NJ does have jobs though ... will be a wake up call for recent graduates as they embark a new career and realize that there is hope OUTSIDE of nj :)

Hi there.

I am in a similar position- graduate RN but no job. Be encouraged, a door will open up just for you! :yeah:

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