Need help to do a discharge planfor acute colitis


i am doing my major care plan and they are asking me to prepare a discharge plan .AND I HAVE NOT IDEA WHERE TO START

Diagnosis: acute colitis(WHICH IS MY MAIN FOCUS)also he has UTI.



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You need to cover diet, pain meds/management, effects of antibiotics.

He doesn't have an ostomy?

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no he doesn't have an ostomy

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Figure out what problems he has related to his diagnosis, and match diagnoses and interventions to those problems!

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I don't know where you initially posted this, but it is now in the Nursing Student Assistance Forum.

Discharge planning includes addressing the following subjects:

  • Their diet
  • Allowed physical activity
  • Medications they need to take
  • Any treatments and tests they need to be doing after discharge
  • Referrals to any outside agencies or support groups
  • Follow up appointments with doctors have been made and patient understands
  • Teaching materials and/or contact with outpatient professionals for continued care and teaching have been provided to the patient

Discharge planning is primarily management and teaching. Some of the items may fit in with other nursing problems that the patient will have related to the colitis and UTI. Possible diagnoses to use to discharge needs are Deficient Knowledge (specify) or Ineffective Health Maintenance.

For the care plan, start by looking up what colitis and UTI are, their pathophysiologies, how doctors diagnose and treat them, their signs and symptoms, and complications. The nursing problems (nursing diagnoses), goals and nursing interventions fall into place from that information. Once you get started you can always ask for help on this forum. If you post questions on any other forum of allnurses I am not likely to find your post.


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i have the following interventions:

Offer alternative forms of communication such as:gestures or actions

Provide interpreter

flash cards that translate words/phrases

Asses cultural barrier

I don't know what else to add

Need help


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