need help for my daughter!

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my daughter is 18 and is in her second semester of nursing school. she chose to move back to the area we used to live in but it's not working out, familywise, and she's thinking seriously about moving back to California with me and finishing her degree out here.

she works 3:00-11:30 as a CNA on the weekends so my 'assignment' for the weekend is to gather information about nursing schools and programs in the area and I'm having a hard time finding much of anything.

any suggestions for finding information about area colleges and schools? I tried some search engines but I'm not getting anywhere, except that's how I found this forum and all of you so maybe it's a good thing after all! :)

also if anyone has first hand information about nursing programs in the Silicon Valley/SF Bay area, I'd love it hear it! I've only lived here for 3 years and I'm not in the medical field so I'm really clueless.

the only guidelines she gave me are that she wants a school that's accredited and has a good reputation in the area. the registrar at her current college is willing to help her with sending out the info on her nursing classes, etc, to see if her current credits will transfer. most of all, she doesn't want to have to start over out here!

thanks in advance for your help!



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Go to

When you get to the site, click on "Search Directory"...type in California, then what type of program she wants (diploma/ADN/BSN)'ll have to scroll through to look for programs in your area, but maybe this will help.


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thanks for your help! :D


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Sorry, wish I could help you but I live in Ohio. Best of luck to your daughter though!



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Okay, she is already in a nursing program? Is it an ADN program? If it is and she has only one more year after this semester, why doesn't she make this work and then move to California. From what I read on this boards, there is no guarantee that she would get to transfer right into another nursing program. She might have to spend time on a waiting list...



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The website for the CA Board of Registered Nursing has lists of accredited schools by area


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I agree with 2beanurse. She should finish her program where she is becuase the waiting lists are awful!! every CalState University is impacted for nursing majors and every Junior collge out here has a loooong waitlist (its taken me 1 1/2 years just to get into a program!! I started my pre reqs ar 18 and finally at 20 I got in EEEK)! Ok that just my 2 cents


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I suggest avoiding San Diego... it's too expensive to live here.

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