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Hello All,

Okay here is the deal...I am soooo petrified of MATH. I was supposed to take it this semester at my local community college but I chickened out and took a computer class to fill the degree requirement. I need to take Math or Analitical thinking, I choose AT. Anyway, now I have Chem coming up and I was wondering if there was a set of formulas I could study or should I just suck it up a get through Math..? Please let me know if I have to take MATH!!!



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153 Posts can't be a nurse if you can't do math. But relax--it really is just very basic math. Don't make it harder than it is!


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The math class I have to take is Algebra. I can do basic math if that is all that is required. I just need to know what kind of math chemistry entails???

Please be gentle....:eek:


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;) well--truth be told, its been a lonnnnggggg time since I took chemistry! I can only speak to the "math" that is required in order to give medicines, and calculate IV rates and drips--its very basic. Perhaps someone else out there can answer the math for chemistry?


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So far I have gotten through all my prereqs and am taking the first semester of nursing classes.

The only classes I've ever needed more than simple addition, subtraction, multiplication or division for have been my math classes.


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For chemistry you will need to be familiar with exponenets (like avagadros number, scientific notation). Its pretty easy stuff. Why don't you get a refresher book like Algebra for Dummies (no offense, I have it) and go over the stuff you are scared of. Knowledge is power! Also, take advantage of tutoring!

Good luck, I hate math too, but am taking chem and college algebra in the spring!



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Well.. at our school we have "Medical Math for Nurses" course thats part of the nursing program. Have you takin College Algebra or Int. Algebra yet? Intermediate Algebra is a good refresher of the "basics".


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In my school, college algebra is a pre-req to chemistry. I guess it depends on your class and/or teacher but there is at least some basic algebra involved. Does your school offer tutors? I would suggest getting a tutor at the beginning of the semester so you will be more confident with algebra.


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I am taking chemistry right now and there is a lot of math in it.

-You need to know how to work with exponents in scientific notation (i.e. 12,500 = 1.25 x 10 to the 4th power).

-You also need to convert numbers from English to metrics and from one metric to another (i.e. 12.6 in = _ m or 2.45 cg = _ kg).

-You need to know how to cross multiple and solve for X. (1.23 = 41.4/x )

None of it is too hard, but it does require an understanding of basic algebra. As someone said, Algebra for Dummies should work.

It is also helpful to buy an expensive calculator (ex. TI-86) so you can put entire formulas into the calculator and have it find the answer rather than doing it the long way, which you have to do with a cheap calculator.

It is definitely doable to take chemistry without having taken algebra recently, but it will require more work on your part.

Good luck!

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