Need help brainstorming for career path to fit my personality?

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Okay, I was hoping I can get some advice on specialities I could go into after getting my RN. I'm the kind of person where I like to think ahead, research all possibilities, and then go forward. Well, I realize now I have to be that person as I have made too many mistakes. I am now 22 and I have gone a lot of different routes without thinking ahead and realized it is not the career I want. I don't want to waste anymore money. I want to do it right this time and find the best option to suite my personality. I don't have anyone in my family who is a nurse or interested in nursing so this is why I'm here. I come from a rather poor family and want to better myself and give my future family a good life financially.

First off, I'm an ENFP (extraverted, intuitive, feeling, perceiving) personality type if that helps.

Secondly, I love children. I am a nanny and I adore it. Being a nanny for wealthier families has opened my eyes to the fact that education is key in getting ahead. I want to be able to hire a nanny for my future children!

I also love helping and educating people. I helped tutor some of my friends in high school and loved it.

I am unsure about educating the adult population because I am so used to working with children, but I think I could do it. I am worried that I would be intimidated or mocked if I couldn't give the correct answer. With children, you are the boss and smarter automatically. ;) I'm good with deadlines. In most situations I am very social and outgoing, which is a drastic contrast to my high school years. I'd like to ideally make at least $70,000 a year. I do not like to have a lot of pressure on me. I live in Kentucky, but this could change. I would like to live comfortably. I work best with a schedule of 3-4 days a week of work only. I am not good working five or six days straight in a row. I've learned this about myself over the years. I will have my associates in three years. Then I want to get my bachelor's and then my master's...but in what?

I'm a second-career-about-to-be-nursing student with a BS in Communications heading into either an ADN or diploma program depending on where I get accepted. I was going to apply straight to PA school and then decided to become an RN first. The rationale behind this is that I do not feel I know enough about all of the different possibilities in the medical field until I go through clinical rotations and find where my affinity lies. I think you will find out the same for yourself. You already have some good pieces of the puzzle. I'm an ENTJ btw, and man did I laugh out loud when I read the description of "the fieldmarshal" personality. Anyway, I am excited about the journey ahead and feel confident that I will know where I need to go when the time is right. I think you will, too! Good luck to you!

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Sounds like pediatric nurse practitioner will fit the bill for you. After intensive specialized study, a masters degree is awarded. The salary will permit you to live comfortably, involves patient/parent education, and many nurse practitioners participate in research studies. Click on the "specialty" tab above and then click "advanced practice nursing" to see the discussions there. Your post gives the impression that you are very mature, well-grounded, and responsible. These traits will serve you quite well as a nurse practitioner. Good luck, sincerebliss!

I don't know how much it pays, but you could be a home health nurse for disabled children of wealthy families.

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I agree with ebear, it sounds like a pediatric nurse practitioner is the job for you!

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With that kind of motivation and determination, why not just go for gold and become a pediatrician?

A lot of you have mentioned pediatrician/NP. I do not like a lot of pressure to be on just my shoulders. That position holds more responsibility than I would be ready for. Plus, I am not a straight A student, but more of an A/B student and I am okay with that. =) I still appreciate these ideas a lot!

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