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I have to do a research paper on the nursing shortage. I need to know of any sites that you know of that are reliable sources to use in my paper. Thanks.


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See reply at other site.

You can also do a search here: scroll to top above all nurses logo and typoe in nursing shortage will reveal 107 news articles.

Here is another link re study done at University of Pennsylvania and released May 8,2001:

There are many good sites with archives for the Nursing Shortage articles. (check the search function and news section)

American Association of Colleges of Nursing has a new resource on the Shortage here: (I think the best search engine that I have used)


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Check out this newspaper to see how employers/government is dealing with a healthcare crisis. Anyone considering nursing is going to be watching very closely, and I wouldn't blame them if they went elsewhere based on the overtime, extra duties, constraints in pay, etc. Certainly the nurses here have been moving to greener pastures for years.

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