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In my school we have to write a Client Assessment Tool every week..On it is a place for two careplans that we need to write..Its worth 30 points...The clinical instructor I have this mod is a total hard @ss. I have always had B's on my Client Assessment tools and so far from her I have received a 58, 63, and an 85. She tells me my careplans aren't good enough and that others in our group do excellent..I pointed out that those people use careplan books they bought. She said "I consider that when I grade them." *cough* She sure does..they get 90's. :p Anyways..I am struggling here..If I fail clinical I am out of the program..Any really good careplan sites? I tried a few and none have enough subjects and diagnoses..I used to have a great site bookmarked with careplans(Think it was a mosby one) but my computer has been formatted and all my book marks are gone. :( Thanks in advance for any help. ---Missy

p/s I was relieved to find out the Client Assessment Tools are only worth 5% of our clinical grade..or so my teacher thinks..but Careplans are a big thing at this school.

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Why don't you use a careplan book? I've seen a couple that are far better than anything I've ever seen online.


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ibmissy, i suggest you use your school's library resources for care plan books. i will see if i can find a site later today and post it.



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I have Carpenito's book, Nursing Diagnosis-Application to Clinical Practice. It is a wonderful reference. This was actually on our list of required books for last semester, and we are expected to use it and then cross reference our other books for interventions and such.

There are also some sites that people probably have already listed since I got them from here :)

Good luck :)


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