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Need to change license application state- stressed, help!


I am so stressed out over this. Any help would be greatly appreciated- I'm just worried because I've worked so hard and don't want to screw this up!

So I live in VA. My professor told us we need to apply for a license in our home state first, and then if we end up with a job in another state we then apply for a second license. I found out this is wrong. I figured I would work in VA anyways, so I thought that was fine.

I ended up getting a job in DC, and I called the BON and they said to apply for licensure by endorsement. Since I can't get a refund from VA, they said to just take the NCLEX in VA as planned and then apply for licensure by endorsement.

I am taking the NCLEX in 2 weeks and I now realize I am not sure if I have enough time to do the endorsement by mid August when I start working- I have heard it's complicated and can take a long time. I researched it and it seems complicated and lengthy.

ANyways, my question is, does anyone know if I can just start over- forget about my VA application (I don't care about the money anymore), and just submit one for DC, get a DC Approval to test, and call pearson vue and change the BON I am registered under and pay their fee?

I know this is complicated- but has anyone been in a similar situation? Applied for a license in one state, and got a job in another? I would call the BON but they are closed today and just want some reassurance. I shouldn't have listened to my professor I guess.

I've worked so hard and I just wanna take the test and get my license! I have to have my license by the time I start.

Has anyone applied for licensure by endorsement by the way? Did it take a long time?

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You can pay PearsonVue a $50 fee to change where they report your results. I'd call DC BON and make sure you can hustle and submit an application by exam to them ASAP and just get your license there if you're working there.

I'm not sure since you have the option to change where to report your results with PearsonVue that you'd have to wait for a new ATT from DC...that may be the case though...I really don't know!

Thank you. For some reason it made me feel better for someone to just put it in perspective!!! I guess I should prob call the VA BON and ask if I need to cancel my application or something like that as well.

thank you again!

Reno1978, BSN, RN

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Be sure to call DC too and let them know you already got a ATT from VA but want to change to them for initial licensure - hopefully you won't have to start from scratch and get a whole new approval to test from DC, but they're really the ones who could let you know...You'd think that since they offer the option to change where to submit your results, you wouldn't have to get a new ATT! Good luck!

here are the compact states


not sure about DC though,are they their own district and own rules?


let us know what happens ok?

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Nope, unfortantly they are not a compact state (although MD) is. If that's what you meant. I will def update everyone. Cross your fingers for me, I hope it all works out! I really don't want to look like a slacker cause I applied awhile ago for my license but since it was based on the wrong info it was pointless.

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The thing is that if you apply to take the NCLEX for DC the time involved with the application and waiting for a date to take the NCLEX will probably be longer than getting endorsement from Virginia. Endorsement only takes a few days as long as you have all the paperwork. The traveling nurses get endorsement the same day if you show up in person at the board offices with your paperwork in hand. I know, because I did it when I moved from Ohio to Missouri.


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Is there reciprocity between VA and DC?

I have a VA license, and got the list (3 pages) of "compact" states that accept that license as if it had been issued there. I could have sworn that DC was on the list - it's so close to DC, you'd think it would be....so do

call them. I'll look fore the list tomorrow.

Congratulations on your graduation and acquiring your job. Best wishes to you! :yeah:

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Is there reciprocity between VA and DC?

VA belongs to a "compact" agreement of many states that accept nurses' registration in any of them, as if it was attained in the desired state.

It's good to see your posts again HM2Viking! Let me know how you're doing, if your job is still great!

Futurern123 I am in the same situation as you once were. Applied for my license in MD and end up getting a job in DC. What did you end up having to do and how did everything work out? Thx for your help!

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