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I am considering applying to the LVN to RN transition program at McLennan community college, it is a 75 mile drive for me. I would like to get comments on the program how many days a week did you go such as that. I can start in Jan at MCC or I can apply at weatherford to start in June. Im getting impatient and am afraid the competition is getting stiff D|T shortage of teachers.Just need advise in which way any of you would go , would you make the drive. I have 5 kids and my husbands in Engineering school @ UTA so I need to get done. Thanks for the advise...

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I don't know the program but I hope someone in Texas can give you some guidance.



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Well, you have to consider all your issues and go with what is best for you and your family....good luck to you. If you have coverage for the kids, have reliable transportation and don't mind driving every day, and want to get done quicker, consider the MCC program definitely. :)

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