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Need advice! Travel Case Manager?


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I was a travel nurse for a long time and I loved it but got burnt out on hospital nursing. I wanted to become a case manager, get a year of experience and then go back to traveling, NYC first. Well, I became a home health/hospice case manager and I worked for 10 months and then left because my back and body was hurting from all the lifting. I'm unsure what to do next. I'm thinking I should get a hospital/nursing facility/ insurance cm job, work there for a year and then travel again. Are there many opportunities to travel as this type of RN CM? I'm also very depressed that I have to wait an additional year to travel and I already was almost at the year mark. I just cant handle bedside anymore. This is making me very depressed. I have 6 months left on my apartment lease currently. Should I just get another job for 6 months and once my lease is up just apply for permanent jobs in NYC? give up my passion for travel nursing? Advice please?

There's a travel nursing site on here, maybe ask there also? And it wouldn't hurt to reach out to a couple travel agencies and ask them, maybe they'd be able to waive those two months? I would start with the ones you've already worked for. If you don't ask you don't get. Good luck!

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I have a close friend who just took a cm job with an insurance company and loves it. It's a work from home job with weekly onsite meetings. Except the onsite meetings are currently Skype meetings due to Covid19.

This has her wondering if she can take this job on the road in a couple years if she decides to do the RV thing. It seems like it could be a possibility so maybe you could get any kind of cm job and not have to stay put for it.

Good luck.

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@Elaine Mthanks! How do I move the post?

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