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  1. After lugging them around for at least 15 years I finally dumped them. It was hard but I never thought about it again!
  2. Elaine M

    Weekend Requirements

    Every place I've ever interviewed it was discussed during the interview. If they don't bring it up I think it's perfectly acceptable to ask, and also to ask about holidays.
  3. Elaine M

    How to professionally go from full time to part time ?

    I would wait and see if the school is going remote. If not, you might be able to work 2-3 days/week, but of course you probably won't get benefits. I would approach it with your supervisor as a job share situation. You'd still need a sitter though. If school goes remote you can try the same thing but you'll need a sitter for more hours. I would start looking for sitters now, but that'll be hard if you don't know what hours you need them. Your other option is to try and get a job from home OR work nights where you might not have to pay a sitter as much since she'll be sleeping most of the time. But since you're new I wouldn't expect much...sorry.
  4. Elaine M

    ADN Salary Houston

    Check on GlassDoor. I worked in Houston for 6 months in 2013 and I was very pleased with the salary, but I have a BSN and had 30 years experience at that point.
  5. Elaine M

    Transition to bedside shift reporting

    Since you're stuck and essentially being forced to do this I think this is a good idea. You have to get across nicely to the patient that report time isn't a time to ask for things and have one nurse leave to get it. Report time is for report and asking questions about care ONLY. Excluding emergencies of course, and they can ask for pain meds but they need to be told it'll be a few minutes. No one ever died from pain. And someone else suggested changing med times around so if you give report at 7 there aren't lots of routine meds due at 8. But I would also have the nurses keep track of exactly how long report takes at the bedside, and have them start now recording how long it takes before initiation of this. And then you can figure out how much OT they're getting....I would also develop a staff satisfaction survey to be given after a month or 2, with one of the questions being what amounts of time are they spending giving a private report on things they don't want to say in front of the patient? Because there WILL be things they want to pass on and not say. And of course you're going to have to figure out what to do about visitors...stay or leave? And even if the patient is OK with them staying do you want to have to entertain THEIR questions? And if they decide to leave there's the one or 2 minutes waiting while they leave (saying goodbye etc) which isn't much if it's one visitor but if there's a couple... I think if there are nurses on the fence about staying on the unit or leaving this might just push them over the fence...into a new job. Good luck!
  6. Elaine M

    AD Air Force Nurse Question

    This was from April, so not quite 97%. I would do everything you can to ensure you get promoted: certifications, volunteer work, committees etc cuz you just never know how it'll go. Not to mention doing an outstanding job at you primary job...and playing well with others.
  7. Elaine M

    RN's required to be sitters???

    I have a feeling that some people commenting have never been sitters for a 12 hour shift, especially on nights. I've done it, and I'd rather use vacation time. At least I was allowed to read or look at the internet, the poor techs had to just sit there. On nights, watching people sleep.
  8. Elaine M

    How to deal with Nosy Co-Workers?

    You must have missed the part where she was essentially being harassed for getting a new car when her old one was perfectly fine and then the PSW was trying to shame her for getting a new car because she lives with her parents and doesn't pay rent. Edit: and what Katie MI said on page 3
  9. Elaine M

    Transition to Nurse Supervisor

    What JKL33 just said. You can't make changes if the manager is listening to the less experienced nurses and won't let you. You would definitely need to be on the same page as the manager as to policies etc, at least 90% if the time. Is the pay raise worth it? IS there a pay raise?
  10. Elaine M

    Inventive Staffing - Outpatient clinic?

    You could have more and later evening hours and the nurses with kids to homeschool could work then. I'm sure they'd love that (LOL) and of course you'd have to get the providers to sign off on this. Or you could do split shifts, which no one would like. Or you could have the homeschooling folks be working T-Th-F for example which would be 12 hour days (T, Th) but that wouldn't be enough hours for the FT folks, so they'd have to pick up hours elsewhere, maybe later in the day after "school hours". I could play around with it but I would need to know the status of each person ie; 1. FT or PT and how many hours that is for each 2. hours they need off 3. number nurses you need to be there at different times. Is it 5 (or whatever) nurses all the time or are there slower hours where 4 can be staffed? This doesn't include the hours they CAN'T work because they don't have childcare. For example, if you had all the school kids' parent (SKP) work till 7 EVERY T and Th (I'm assuming it's rotational now) they would have a harder time getting sitters if needed than getting a sitter once every 2 weeks. Stuff like that would be nice to be looked at but realistically it may not be possible, so they'd have to choose between being off for more "school hours" or being off more evenings. No matter what, if FT people want to be home till 3 every day let's say, and start work at 3:30 there's no way they can get their hours in with the clinic hours at this point. And it goes without saying you can't discriminate against those who don't have kids to homeschool. The ones to have the less desirable hours (split shifts, evening hours) in my opinion should be those who want/need to be at home for their kids. I could play with it but I would want to know that everyone is committed to working a crap schedule cuz that's what it may come down to.... Edit: the other option is to close 1-2 days during the week and be open on weekends, but again you'd have to get the providers to sign off on that. This would probably be nice for patients though as then they could come on weekends when they aren't schooling THEIR kids!
  11. It's normal to have "additional duties as assigned" but no, this isn't normal, at least not in hospitals. To me this shows disorganization and an inability to keep workers. It might be a nice break once in awhile but it sounds like it happens more than that. I'd be looking for a new job.
  12. Your concern for med school is your grades but they (and your pharm experience) might get you into a foreign med school in the Caribbean. A friend went many many years ago to one in the Dominican Republic, she easily got a US residency slot and is a pediatrician now.
  13. Elaine M

    New protocol - No report from ER to floor...

    I always thought you had to give some sort of report when transferring patients. Imo throwing a chart at someone when you being a patient to a floor isn't report. It may prevent back up in an ER but I think there are better ways to do that.
  14. Elaine M

    New protocol - No report from ER to floor...

    Is this legal? I'd be calling state BON. And when the patients get frustrated because you don't know the answer to their questions immediately say that you didn't get verbal report and you have to read everything and they're welcome to mention it on their comment card.
  15. This answer should be copy/pasted to every legal question here. Even if it doesn't necessarily answer someone's question (it does here, don't get me wrong), it should still be read. It might even be something that needs to be read everyday.
  16. Elaine M

    allnurses has Become so Politicized

    Most times you can tell if something is going to be political by the title, and if not by the title then by the post itself. Just don't read those posts. There are MANY posts I don't read. It's not nursing school, you won't be tested on it.

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