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  1. Elaine M

    Hardship: none of my business or a problem?

    You might be able to find a room on Craigslist for a couple hundred a month.
  2. Elaine M

    First RN Job in Float Pool?

    I would be very concerned about a hospital that would hire a new grad for it's float pool-- concerned as a nurse and concerned as a patient.
  3. Elaine M

    NICU vs Pediatric clinic

    I've worked both and I never want to work 5 days a week again! I've worked 4 jobs that were M-F and many many more that were 12, working 5 in a row and only having two days to recover and do chores (while everyone else is doing chores) wasn't fun. Both areas are stressful in different ways but I found some of the parents in the clinic to be.... frustrating. NICU parents can be also but I think the percentage is higher in the clinic because the NICU parents eventually settle down. And in the NICU they don't complain about getting in to their appt late! But then I love the NICU!
  4. Elaine M

    Weekend Contractual Obligation 

    Every hospital is different. I worked at a small community hospital where it was every other weekend and when I went to the big city hospital 30 miles away it was every third.
  5. Elaine M

    Needle stick at work, 24 weeks pregnant

    Tell your OB and if at all unsatisfied ask for a referral to a perinatologist or an ID doctor. Make sure you get your follow up labs, I know HIV used to be up to 6 months I think, not sure what it is now. Your OB may want additional labwork. Good luck, please let us know how it turns out.
  6. Elaine M

    Is this even Legal?

    Absolutely not. You're telling her to take more than a double normal assignment. The lawyer for the patient you hurt or kill will use that against you ie; "you knew it was an unsafe assignment and you STILL took it?" and "your normal assignment is only 5-6 patients, correct?" Your hospital will throw you to the wolves. If something happens to a patient that wouldn't have happened if there had been adequate staffing you'll have to live with that. And who's going to help you run a code? And you won't have time to call anyone every hour, you'll be lucky to go to the bathroom once. Do ANYTHING but take report on 16 patients.
  7. Elaine M

    What would you do

    I had this very thing pulled on me and to my eternal regret I didn't call them on it strongly enough, and I didn't go up the chain of command high enough. I was there less than 6 months, became depressed, cried several times a week and I quit without notice. Start job hunting NOW.
  8. Elaine M

    Ripe for Exploitation

    I worked on a very small pediatric floor, 7 beds but we expanded up to 12 if needed (I think that was the highest when I was there). Before I got there a baby was given an overdose of adenosine while they were trying to get her out of SVT. Luckily the baby did fine but evidently it was quite the Charlie Foxtrot. Up until then they would staff with 1 RN and one tech, some of whom were great and at least one who was lazy and irresponsible. After this sentinel event they decided there would be 2 licenses on the floor at all times but it still took about 6 months to fully implement. Nurses told me of shifts with up to 5 or 6 admissions with as many discharges as well as outpatient blood draws (bill checks, which also includes weight and VS). The point being, it didn't matter how bad it was until a baby came this close to dying, just like SherPPCN stated.
  9. Elaine M

    I accidently took home a zofran in my pocket.

    Yes, I would keep a basket in my locker so I'd always have pens available. If you empty everything out before going home it'll all be there, and if you have the keys, pagers etc you'll see them. Or if you don't see them at least you can tell the next shift where they are when they call.
  10. Elaine M

    Is this even Legal?

    Call your state board of nursing. Have you talked to your immediate supervisor? And her/his immediate supervisor? And so on.... If you don't take report on ANY patient they can't accuse you of abandonment, I think. I would just sit there till at least two other nurses show up, hopefully more since they'll probably be floats.
  11. Elaine M

    CEO Says More Nurses Won't Improve Care

    He hasn't worked as a LPN since at least 2005 per LinkedIn...can't post both SS but was an administrator at Aurora Health Care from 05-10.
  12. Elaine M

    CEO Says More Nurses Won't Improve Care

    Yes, follow the money. On Glass Door RNs are paid $31/hour, LPNs $16. CNAs and Patient Care Techs $10-11. Not that I think they'll hire more LPNs, CNAs or PCTs but RNs are way more expensive. I'll bet a thousand dollars if he or his family were in the hospital he'd rather have a nurse who had 3 other patients as opposed to 5 or 6. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!
  13. Elaine M

    how often do you chart a note and PRIORITIZATION

    I'd like to know what your write for those hourly notes. And agreed, you shouldn't have to chart when doctors, SW etc visit the patient. That's for them to do.
  14. Elaine M

    Looking for advice; "handling" situations **LONG**

    Personally I would try to leave the hospital. Things like this have a tendency to follow you, with additional falsehoods thrown in.
  15. Elaine M

    Anti-vax parents sue to keep kids in school

    Except the only religions that prohibit/discourage vaccinations are Christian Scientist, Dutch Reformed and one other that I forget. Not Catholics, Baptists, Presbyterians etc