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Need some advice

by LH366 LH366 (New) New Nurse

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Hi all! I guess I'm looking for some advice and also just an ear to listen. I work at a busy ER that has been crazy since this pandemic started. I'm still a newer nurse compared to others I guess, about 8 months. I just feel like when I started getting comfortable, this pandemic set in. Now, I have had to play ICU, tele, medsurg, and ER nurse all at once. It's all very overwhelming. For example, last night I had 5 ICU patients to care for by myself. Other nights I've had 8 patients, who are all very sick. I'm sure it's like this at other hospitals, but I'm just so stressed from it. I'm not used to balancing more of a floor routine. The ER was my first hospital job and I got used to that type of rhythm. Now I've been staying late at work just trying to chart on everything I did or trying to give out my morning meds because an emergency popped up. Sometimes I think maybe it's just me, that I'm not cut out for this work and I'm just not a good nurse. Any advice on how to make this situation any better? Any time management tips? Any advice on how not to feel like a total failure?

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WOW!, I'm experienced and couldn't handle that!

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Everyone around you is probably feeling defeated. This pandemic is sci-non-fi. Do the best you can just like everybody else. But speak up when faced with something you simply DON’T know how to do. Being a part of the all-hands-on-deck, whatever you’ve gotten accomplished during your shift is a plus (and is appreciated) because some nurses (MANY of them) have had to step back for one reason or another until this crisis is over. The ones who remain would rather have you there feeling lost and behind on a few meds, than not there at all. You’re making a difference. Trust me!


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We are in a pandemic. Everyone, experienced or not is being dragged into the unknown. We have PACU nurses working on our dedicated COVID unit. They are straight losing it. Everything is totally new for them in the med/surg atmosphere. We are all going to get through this. We are in disaster mode and I'm certain your executives care more than you just keep showing up. Take it one day at a time.

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WOW!! 5 ICU pts is NOT safe and sounds SO overwhelming. 8 sick patients is also a nightmare. Props to you as a new nurse for sticking it out to help during this crazy time. I say prioritize emergencies of course and don't stress if a multivitamin is given a few hrs late... LOL. I hope administration will be understanding about little things during this time. And take care of yourself as well. It's OK to not pick up extra shifts if you need to re-charge to do a great job before your next shift. Good luck and thanks for doing what you are doing!