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I currently work as a technician for a small, rural telephone company. After months of deliberation, I have decided to retrain as an RN. I have spoken with several relatives who are nurses and they encourage my decision. They continually cite the fact that I will "never want for work" and about how rewarding it can be. I have been accepted by a local hospital-run nursing school. However, after having read alot of the discussions posted on this website, I am a little perplexed. Many of you seem really discouraged with your jobs and seem to regret your decisions to enter the field. Is it really that horrible out there? What advice can you give someone who wants to become an RN? Thanks.


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Hey Man,

We are in the same boat.

I am in the computer field now.

My suggestion is you go for your ASN. Assocaites degree in nursing it is only a two year program then if you like it go for your BSN. The reason being is if you go for you ASN or BSN you take the same test. From the research I have done you also pretty much get the same pay. However, you might hit a ceiling that is when you would want to go for your BSN.

The computer field is really going downhill since a lot of the work is being sent overseas.

You will always have a job in nursing.

I am planning on volunteering at a hospital to get a feeling of nursing.


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I suggest you shadow a nurse.


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Hello, and welcome to the bb. :)

I think one reason you see so much negativity on this board is because it's a place to vent.

There are a lot of problems in the nursing profession right now, but ya know...everyone complains about their job if you think about it. ;)

The nursing shortage is a big problem right now...not enough nurses, and too many patients that are getting sicker and sicker all the time. That's my biggest "dissatisfier."

Others would be lack of respect from the some of the public and some doctors, etc.

Not enough money considering our level of education, training, responsibility, accountability...

But despite all that, I personally enjoy my job. I would still go into nursing even knowing what I do now, and having gone through some of the things I've gone though.

jgg767 had a good idea...shadow a nurse to see what it's really like, if you haven't already. Do some research in your area about how nurses are being treated, and if they're generally happy or not.

Good luck! :)


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I guess you could go to the international broom-makers bulletin board and find unhappy people there, too. Happiness or unhappiness with your job goes with any job anyone has. While nursing does has its advantages, there are disadvantages. Your best bet? Do what your heart says is right.


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I truly love my job. And I can't imagine doing anything else. But sometimes things just get to you. You have to learn to push the politics behind you and just take care of your patients. It is a very rewarding job.

My advice would be to volunteer at your local hospital. Talk to your local school nurse, primary doctor's office nurse, health department nurse, etc. There are hundreds of thousands of different jobs out there. Find one that fits you, your personality and your lifestyle. Good luck. Let us know how school is going.:p

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I love being a nurse myself in spite of the challenges (which are many today) that come with the job. It's not a job for the weak that's for sure. It takes a strong will, a lot of self-discipline, an ability to relate to people from all walks of life, a strong passion for the field, and a desire to go on when the going gets rough.

The patients that keep me liking nursing are the ones who say to you at the end of a rough shift "Thanks for being such a great nurse", or "You are a great nurse," or "Did anyone tell you that nursing is definitely your calling?", or having a patient kiss your cheek or forehead and hug you for your kindness............the list goes on. I spend time thanking God for these blissful moments, and pray the painful ones away. Nursing is my calling, my passion, and I will always be a nurse even when I retire from the field.

If you have it in you to persevere through the many rough storms that will come your way instead of running from adversity you'll make it in life no matter what career you choose for yourself. :nurse:


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negatives i've heard/seen:

physically exhausting

fueled with adrenaline, will crash

no time to rest, breaks often missed

tired legs, throbbing feet

angry public, never satisfied

lots of personalities, in your face

co-workers gossip, complain non-stop

administration clueless, almost stupid

threat of lawsuit ever-present

docs rude, belittle nurses, no respect

telephone rings constantly, distraction

pulled in a million directions

patient needs a million things

and you have more than one patient

never enough staff, families complain

scheduling always a problem

cannot give proper care to the patients

not enough time, mistakes will occur

some emergency happens on shift

something you cannot prepare for

costing more time, pulling you away

pharmacy never stocks correctly

poor communication among depts

nursing assistants hard to find

deaths, pain, suffering, abuse

positives i've heard/seen:

love, compassion, recovery, wellness

family members assisting the patient

patients really appreciate your help

can ease an elderly person's loneliness

can soothe a child's fear, hold them

nursing is an important job, necessary

nurses deliver most of patient care

the physical, emotional, psychological

all aspects of wellness, illness, dying

our impact is huge

mentally stimulating job

lots to learn, remember, never stops

nurses have a lot of knowledge

and a trade skill, licensed

this job calls for your whole self

mind, heart, body, experiences, spirit

can focus on any aspect of care

peds, ob, adult, neonatal, psych, etc

trained to do it all, very mobile

not stuck in one niche, never boring

lots of opportunity, all over the world

good pay, for experience & flexibility

paid for overtime, unlike many jobs

good benefits, perks, educational stuff

respected by the community at large

rated #1 most respected in US

don't have to wear business clothes

can dress in scrubs (pajamas), comfy

can teach, do research, travel, manage

nurses bond, feel a kinship, strong ties

nurses are good communicators

transferrable skills to other jobs

we'll never lack a job/income


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Telephone Guy,

You said that you have been accepted at a "hospital run" nursing school. Is it affiliated with a college or university? What kind of credential does it offer? Diploma? ADN? BSN?

Good luck to you.


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I love what I do. :D

Thats the thing I think You have to "LOVE IT". I do it for the patients. I have the most rewarding job in the world. My patients make it worth my while.

If you think you can stand the long hours, back breaking work, then I say go for it. You may have to take care of the most miserable , cranky patients in the world, or work with the most impossible doctors in the world, but after 100 cranky patients when one patient looks at you and says"Thank you" It is all worth it because you know no matter what you are doing your tiny bit.

This work is not easy by any means but most of us here would never do anything else.

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It's a tough job. Lots of people are burned out and come to this board for help and to vent their concerns. That's what you reading. It's a very highly stressful job. If it was easy there wouldn't be a shortage. Good luck!

Wow. Thanks for all of the great feedback. The school offers an ASN and is accredited. I am sure that I want to go forward. I haven't seen any forums for "burned out telephone people" though. Any of you ever hang off a telephone pole with gaffs?

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