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Well I've decided I'm going back to sinclair community college here in ohio instead of kettering cause they cost too much. I have to retake dev math, dev composition because of the grades I got in them 3 years ago, and take psych 122. I need to take chemistry to be elgible to take the pax exam to get on the waiting list for nursing. I wanna take a full load and go full time. I was thinking about taking psych 122, both dev courses, and chemistry. I was wondering would that be too much and should I take chem alone.

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Are you working full time or have kids?

I have kids and always take a full load (including 2 sciences at a time plus 2 other classes) and I've never had any problems. There are people who work full time and go to school full time. There are people who dont work and only take 2 classes and have a hard time.

Only you really know what you can and can't handle. Chemistry is not the easiest subject and for most of us it requires a lot of study time. I made an A in it though but it didn't come easy and one test I even flunked!

I say go for it, but only you really know. Do feel comfortable taking those classes? If you do then I would do it.



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I think I can handle, I've never had chem before so this is my first time taking it. What I was plan on doing was working weekend warrior and go to school full time. I wanted to take more than one class in a day so I won't be going everyday, but possibly 3 days a week.


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So glad to hear we will be seeing you back at Sinclair!

My advice to you is do the math, english comp and psych...wait til the next quarter to do the Chemistry. Those three classes alone will keep you hopping (take it from someone who knows!).

Let us know what you decide to do, and GL! :)

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I worked full time with many kids LOL and took a full load. Was awful but hey I did it.

What feels right to you?



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lashon, if I am not mistaken, passing the dev math is a pre-req to the chem class anyway. My advice is to go talk to the allied health counselor at Sinclair.


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Thanks for the advice everyone. Lisa I seen in the book where it said dev 085 was a pre req for chemistry and I'm taking dev 108, so I'm not sure so I guess I'll ask the counselor.


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Weclome back to Sinclair! :)

I agree with may want to wait to take Chemistry until after you take the DEV courses. I took Chem last Spring & it wasn't the easiest class in the world. I got an A, but it was a hard A to get. A lot of folks in my class got C's (and a few failed).

You should meet with an advisor anyway to get a rough idea of what to take and when anyway. They'll be able to help you put together a schedule that will work for you.

Good luck! (Schedules come out tomorrow at Sinclair...and they're already posted on!)


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Originally posted by AmyLiz

(Schedules come out tomorrow at Sinclair...and they're already posted on!)

Thanks for the reminder!


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