Need advice about my schedule: too much?

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Hi everyone.

I wanted some input from you guys on my upcoming schedule.

I plan to make a career change from business to nursing. So this fall, I am enrolled in a community college to take some pre nursing courses in hopes of getting into nursing school one day.

My fall schedule is the following:





I am also taking a 12 week CNA course that meets twice a week.

I only work on weekends and luckily I am able to study at work sometimes.

I am not married nor do I have children which makes me confident that I will be able to do well.. but am I in way over my head?? I just needed feedback.


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This looks like a reasonable schedule. Difficult but definitely possible. Just keep in mind you probably need B's or better in all those classes and the science classes usually include labs that take up a lot of your time.

I think that's a doable schedule.. Psych and sociology are pretty easy classes, so you will have more time to focus on Chem an bio.. Are you taking general bio?

I think it'll work. I'm pretty much in the same position as far as limited work, no spouse, no kids, etc, so I take full time+ just to get classes out of my way. My only question is if you need general biology and general chemistry as prereqs. Usually anatomy and physiology is in place of biology. But I guess every school is different. I haven't taken sociology but I did take psychology and it was pretty easy as well as interesting. Have fun!

Thanks everyone!! I am taking General Biology and General Chemistry. (I cant take Anatomy or Microbiology until I take one of them) I am not sure if I need BOTH for nursing school.. if I dont, I would rather not, but my advisor said it will be good to do both. I hope she is right!

Any suggestions or advice are all welcome =)

I hope the CNA class isnt too hard. :(

After reading responses, I checked into the schools that I would like to attend and in the ADN program at a community college, the pre reqs are Chemistry and Anatomy, not Biology.

And I plan on transferring to get my BSN and that school says I will need Biology - (Bio111)

So this would mean that I should just take Bio, right? I hope it transfers over by the time I go to get my BSN..

If you aren't sure that the Biology you are taking will transfer, I would call an advisor at the school you plan to get your BSN and ask if that class will transfer. If it won't transfer and they don't have an alternative for you to take, I would drop Bio for this semester and take A&P.

I would make sure the General Bio will transfer. Most likely, it will; but you will need to make sure. Now, for how challenging the schedule will be. Introductory level bio and chem are pretty easy. Also, general psych and sociology seem like the same class. Neither is hard, just a lot of material. So, I do not think your classes will be very challenging; but you will have a lot of work and a lot of material to learn. That could be difficult. However, I think you will be fine.

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