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I applied for the lvn program 2014 and luckily received a call back stating that I'm an alternate and have the opportunity to retest. its a timed test 25 questions in 25 minutes each section. That was truly great news to hear. i was told my score was reading comp 5th grade, math 10th grade, language 10th grade....I am in need of desperate help and have to retest this wed. ive been out of school for 10 years.

i already know arithmetic math ( decimals, percentage, fractions, area, perimeter,etc) my problem is applied math . it involves reasoning comprehension of mathematical concepts and multiple representations . i need to help with verbal aka word problems graphs and algebraic symbols, functions. i would truly appreciate any recommendations. :)

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Check out Khan Academy online.

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Either Khan Academy or one of the many, many YouTube videos that explain applied math concepts. I would be more concerned about the 5th grade reading level though. There is so much to comprehend via writing both in nursing school and nursing practice. Good luck to you.


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I know the LPN school in our area uses the TABE test for the general education testing. Whatever your test is Google free practice tests for that test name and do as many practice questions as you can. Math problems you don't understand try looking up at coolmath and mathplanet (both are .com) as they have some tutorials that explain

things in a straight forward manner. I haven't used them personally, but my high school niece has learned a lot from them.

Since your lowest scores were reading comprehension and your having trouble with math word problems it would seem that you are not keying out the important information in what you are reading in these situations. I realize the tests are timed, but try to focus and look for key words that give the most meaning to the statement. Also, try not to let comprehension questions throw you off by reading too much in to what they are asking. When you are unsure eliminate the answers you know are incorrect and make an educated guess from the remaining choices. Same goes with your math problems. If your answer isn't matching any of the choices then try plugging the answers into the problem and seeing which ones work out. Keep in mind they usually list answers that will work out if you are making a common error so this definitely doesn't always work. However, it is better than a blind guess.

Since you are short on time based on your list I would not even bother with functions. I would focus on the rest. Use the math sites to review graphs and some algebra. Don't forget your order of operations. Does please excuse my dear aunt Sally ring a bell? In a problem with multiple calculations it's always (PEMDAS) anything in parentheses is first, then exponents, than multiplication/division and last addition/subtraction. The problem may not contain all of these, but the order still applies skipping those parts that don't apply. For example if the problem was 44-40/10 there are no parentheses or exponents so your first step would be the division, 40/10 equals 4 so then you have 44-4 and your answer is 40. Many people make the mistake of just going left to right, but you have to use the order of operations (PEMDAS).

I can't emphasize enough to find as many free practice tests as you can and just keep doing them. If you have any specific questions regarding math please let me know and I will do my best to explain it for you. Having been out of school ten years your math and language really were not that bad for your first shot. A few days of practice tests and studying should go a long

way. The reading comprehension you ready need to focus on. If the test is on paper try to underline the words that you feel are most important in each statement. If there was an issue of just not understanding some of the context, try to review high school level vocabulary words and definitions.

How this helps some. Please let me know if you have any specific questions that I can help you with.

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I would find some remedial classes to take. Comprehension in nursing is huge. You need to comprehend what the situation is to be able to critically think. I have been taking remedial math courses the last 2 semesters and it has helped me immensely. Does your school offer any of that?

I'm not sure if the school offers its. Its an adult school.

Thanks everyone for your help!

I took the same test before and scored a 11th grade reading and language and didn't study that time. This time I studied the reading and language and did poorly. I haven't found a good book or youtube video that interprets graphs and do two-step word problems. I had a few "area" word problems where it was a graph of a map but shaped like a triangle and needed to find the "x". I didn't know where to start even with reading the question twice. I know it being a timed test, takes over my nerves. I really want this spot for the lvn program

The kind of problems on the math are : Geometrical Town map questions

4a - a =

Charts and graphs data analysis

Similiar shape figures

3-D cube and find which lines intersect

Associate law - ab/c is the same as..

Algebriac expressions


For the language Comma, semi-colon, past/present tense, capitalizations, and put sentences in order. Whic sentence doesn't belong.

***I just took a practice math test and did a lot better but STILL got a few wrong from careless mistakes of not reading the math problem slowly. RN339 you are right about these type of test can trick you with having "possible" answers in the mutliple choice, thinking you got it right and its actually wrong.


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Glad you are having some success with your practice tests. I know the time issue adds extra pressure, but try to focus on the problems instead of the time. ... easier said then done lol. Here are a few things that may help refresh your memory on some of the rules that we tend to forget over the years. ...


Area of Circle, Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Parallelogram, Trapezium, Ellipse and Sector

Associative Property (remember when comparing to use PEMDAS to calculate on each side of the problem)

Definition of Associative Property with examples and non examples

Proportions (I find it easiest to convert the problem into fractions if they are not already set up that way and placing a X for the number I'm looking for then cross multiplying.)


Basic rules for commas and semicolons

Using Commas, Semicolons, and Colons Within Sentences - Grammar & Punctuation | The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation

Hope that helps some. And like I said before If there is a specific problem or type of problem in math you're stuck on include it I'm your post and I'll be happy to talk you thru it.

Make sure you let us know how it goes. I'm sure you'll do fine!


your such a sweet heart. thank you for providing this valuable information ! :)

i will post an update after Wednesday .. thank you!


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Also, I realized I don't read your first response. ...for the area maps shaped like a triangle without knowing what x they wanted you to solve for I would assume you would need to apply the formula A= 1/2bh (area equals one half times base times height) and insert the x for whichever number in that formula you need to resolve.

For graphs, is it just graphs in general that you don't understand how to interpret the information. Or is it more algebraic graphing and formulas you don't know/understand? There's such a wide array so I'm not really sure which direction to point you in for help. But, here is some basic information regarding algebraic graphs, x and y intercepts, etc.

Lines - Cool math Algebra Help Lessons - Graphing Lines Using Intercepts

User PROFROBBOB on you tube has many videos on algebra and on graphing. The following link helps with linear equations with x and y intercept he also has a good one on slopes.



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You are very welcome! Good luck!

Its real life geometry problems and interpreting graphs using area formulas, like a2 + b2 = c2. I had one problem on the test with a picture map and had two shaped triangles and needed to find the distance.

The questions wasn't a straight forward question, and that's why I "guessed" because rephrasing word problems was my weak link.

Commas for a letter like

Dear Uncle John,


Dear Uncle John:


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