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I am a nursing assistant and I want to go to school for either lpn or radiology, but mainly lpn. The problem is my job won't let me go to weekends to go to school. I've been there four months now. So I decided to go work for an agency instead. I applied at maxim healthcare and they called me. Lpn classes start in may and september. I plan on putting in my application this friday. They have tutoring for the math and the woman said people who take the tutoring passes the math. The test dates are april 1st, 8th, and 22nd. My friend was telling me to wait to see if I get in school before I leave since I've been there for a while. But I don't wanna keep putting school off, I wanna start now. I'm thinking about my future and things I wanna do. I just wanna be able to make up my own schedule and stuff. I feel like why wait because either way I plan on going to school. My co worker was telling me not to keep putting off school. Should I leave and go work for an agency to go to school?


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Go ahead and turn your application in. You can and will get a job as a cna that has flexible hours. Make sure give notice at your present job before you quit.



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I would leave my job also and find empolyment that is flexible. But make sure you leave professionally for many reasons. you may need/want to go back and you will need references. dont burn your bridges. Good Luck in School!!


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QUIT! Your career comes first. If they can't accomodate your school schedule then you should definitely leave. You shouldn't have a hard time finding a job where you can work weekends because most people don't want to work them. Hopefully everything will work out for you. Good Luck!


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I work for Maxim on a very part time basis. It is a nursing agency and you can work the hours you want. Certainly, your current employer should embrace you desire and need to grow proffesionally. BRAVO!!!! to you for taking your future seriously. Your friend is correct. Stay with your current employer until you are formally accepted into the LPN program. Then, if they still will not work with your schedule so you can go to school, let them know you are going to leave. Trust me, there are a lot of CNA positions out there and someone will give you a job and will work with your schedule.

Just don't jump the gate. If you have worked with these people a long time, you may have insurance and other benefits vested with them that you could lose if you up and leave. I would play my cards very close to the table and wait until the school makes a decision on your acceptance. Good luck!

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