need advice...accept job offer from WHC in DC or Suburban hospital in MD?


I need some advise. I love both Suburban and WHC hospitals. I live about 15 mins away from Suburban. It is a small, community hospital with a great orientation program. WHC is a large, teaching hospital also with a great orientation program. WHC pays more ($27.60) but has union dues, Suburban hospital pays $24. WHC is affiliated w/ , Suburban w/ Hopkins and NIH and will be going magnet. In your opinion, as a new grad, which hospital would be better to work for? I need all the advice I could get...please help me!!!


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Is it the same unit at both? Did you have a chance to interact with the nurses on the floor at each place? Did you feel a better connection at one of the hospitals? While money is great, I think that the most beneficial experience is found in an environment that you enjoy going to everyday.

On another note.....I will gladly accept whichever position you turn down in your place :)


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Thanks for the advice. I finally decided to accept Suburban's offer! WHC is hiring like crazy...u should apply there.;)


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Wow...hiring like crazy.....not here in NH....and the pay is so much less here.


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dmart150, wht floor offered you the position at whc? i interviewed with them abt three weeks ago but they're still saying that i need to wait a week more for their decision. i am depressed now....graduating in a week and no decision yet!


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Great choice! I did some of my clinical preceptorships at Suburban on the oncology/adult surgery unit and I did psych there too. It's definitely at the top of my list to apply to after graduation!


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I applied to Suburban but never got a response. I will be graduating with my ADN so if they are trying to go magnet it is no surprise that they didn't call me. I was considering WHC but I was offered a position at SGAH which is much closer to me.

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