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Hi everyone

I am a new nurse. Got my license on 06/08. The place I am working is dangerous and every day I work I feel that that hard earned license is at risk.

All this company cares about is profit. So, I am seriously considering leaving. They shaved 2 weeks off my orientations and have basically thrown me to the wolves.

Ultimately, it is the patients that are going to suffer in this situation and that concerns me.

So how do I quit? Our census is very low so I feel that if I left with no notice it would not hurt them at this time. If I give a two week notice then that is a two week window of opportunity to lose my license....

If I quit with no notice how bad will it hurt me in finding a new job?

Thanks for the advice

Never burn your bridges no matter what type of job you have.

If I leave it will be as graceful as possible. What must come first in my mind though is patient safety and well being.....

I am off today and I am thinking about going in and talking with the chief clinical officer....(Nurse Manager is out on vacation)....

Put your two weeks in. As for burning bridges.. if the place is that terrible, they probably have a reputation anyway.

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I'm in the same boat as you. I start a new job on the 16th and really am scared to put in my notice because I don't trust the facility I'm at. I am going to put in my notice only because they have a lot of rehab/LTC facilities in the area. Not to mention I've been there 4 months and don't want to have to try and figure out how to explain that 4 month gap.

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Never quit without notice, not only is it extremely unprofessional but it is very naive. Nursing is a very small world so it is wise to always be professional no matter what. Leaving a job is just another fact of doing business, leaving without notice is a personal insult.

Giving 2 weeks is the minimal requirement for giving notice, a more professional time frame is 1 month. You should write a formal letter stating when your last day of employment will be and thank them for allowing you to work for them.

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please guys if you are new nurses don't leave jobs so soon, I know floors are very difficult these days but you do need experience. Always start with paper trail. First go and seek help, let somebody know in writing that you need more orientation time. Try to document everything whatever is happening. Give it a try and if every door closes with your employer then give proper notification and leave. Don't bad mouth your employer in front of coworkers as words travel fast.

I know its difficult I can feel your frustration but don't let anybody makes you forget about your hard work for board exams, your fees for nursing schools.

Next time when you go for interview for new job ask for orientation duration first and don't get intimidated by questions. Sometimes employers just need licensed nurse, a body whom they can list on floor and rest is left on nurses and their licenses.

Appreciate the advice guys....

Truth is the job was hellish and had I allowed them to throw me to the wolves patients would have been at risk.

I could not allow that to happen.

Went in and talked to the big chief today and handed in my letter.

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