Calling in RX?

  1. So, at my clinic, I was made aware that before I started and after the old nurse left, a coworker used to call in prescriptions for the nurse practitioner. This coworker of mine has no medical background, and is essentially a secretary for the clinic. I was slightly horrified. I asked someone else why she would be given that particular duty, and they said that they all used to do it because you don't need a license or anything to call in prescriptions. But they're so glad I'm here now so I can do it!

    I was trying to find a legal requirement or something, but I couldn't find one. I saw a discussion here but it looked like it varied by state. So, fellow Nebraskans, now I'm wondering: what are the requirements of the person who calls in prescriptions for the prescriber?

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  3. by   schoolnurse09
    It has been awhile since your post, but thought I would comment..In the clinic where I worked as an RN, unlicensed people called themselves nurses and called in Rx. I did bring this to the attention of management, who did nothing for several years. Eventually the unlicensed people were told not to call themselves nurses, but still called in Rx. I was told that they worked under the MD's license so that was permitted. Technically, I believe this is considered a verbal order, so I would think that a licensed person would need to call in the Rx..but this office didn't work that way. But then, would the MD be liable if the unlicensed person made an error?
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  4. by   RN_Sarah
    It would be interesting what a pharmacist in NE would say regarding this??? I used to work in a physician's office as Medical Assistant-and the back office staff (MA's or LPN's) were the only ones that could call in the Rx's....