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Near passing

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So I took NCLEX on Monday 6/20 found out yesterday that I didn't pass. Got my results in the mail today and I was near passing in every area. And I also had the max 265 questions. Does that mean I was very close to passing

getting 265 means you knew the content from every category, you just didn't apply it well enough to consistently keep you above the line.

Also the test is to make sure you are a safe entry level nurse, one has to be above passing standard in all categories to prove competency.

You are right there though, study harder and you will definitely prove your competency next time, keep up the hard work. :)

Yup getting all 265 questions is a good sign for sure. I'm guessing you know your content you just didn't apply it as well as you should've to the questions.

By the way, did you try the pearsonvue trick prior to getting your results? (I'm trying to see how accurate it is still).

Thank you I had so much going on. My husband was put in ICU the day before I took my test and I was so tired and stressed out. I am going to pass for sure next time.

I did try the PVT about 2 hours after the test and I used a card with like $3 on it put all the info in correct and it kept declining it. So I kinda knew then that I didn't pass. So the PVT does still work

I used Uworld this time. However I didn't complete the entire qbank. So I'm going to redo it and complete the entire qbank and redo the ones I got wrong

Do you think the exam focused more on your weakest content?

No I had a tone of contact questions and it was like I was getting the same questions they were just worded different and I kinda started to get confused. But like I said I had so much going on my husband was put in ICU the day before I took boards and I didn't have time to reschedule so I had to take it or lose my money

I was just wondering. Thanks for sharing your experience and i hope everything goes well with your husband Lets trust God for success! :)


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