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2nd Times Test Takers!!!!


I was wondering is the test the same the second time around? Feeling so overwhelmed I am studying taking my time with each section and I feel like I am not getting it. What are some of you guys study strategies that helped you pass? How long did you guys study for, is 5 weeks to little time or do I have enough time???

Mine was not the same the second time around. I rescheduled the 2nd test a month later, so I only had an extra 4 wks to study some more. The only thing that I used to study was the McGraw Hill Teas Practice test book. I was a nervous mess but I did pass and I hope you do to. Good luck.

Oh okay! Thank you I am planning on re-taking mines next month and I feel like I am not retaining none of the information I study. I have the ATI book, McGraw Hill's book and Davis's Basic Math Review for Nurses book because I suck at math. But for the science part I've been studying that chapter like crazy and I feel like I am not learning anything and the school I am trying to get into you have to take the Teas in order to get in so I have yet to take my pre-reqs. DO you think is was easier the 2nd time around or was it more difficult? And what was your 1st and 2nd scores if you don't mind me asking??? I need to get an 85% in order to get into the school of my choice.

It was exactly the same for me the second time around. The first time I got a 57 and the second time I got a 68 which pretty much locks me in to the program at my school (Jeff State CC) Good luck!

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I believe they have 5 or 6 versions of the TEAS minimum, so it's unlikely you will get the same test the second time.

DO you think that its harder the second time around or would you say its the same? Did any of you take the online practice test if so would you think that the practice test is harder than the actual exam?

meeep, BSN, RN

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The online practice tests were much harder than the real exam, in my opinion.

I'm in the same position as you right now and have all the books you listed. I also need a 75 or higher score and I don't know exactly what to do about it either, but i do know that even if it takes me 7 times to get the score that i want then thats what I will do. Try prep courses online or local (currently looking into that) and also try Youtube and search for Keshwani prep he has a section for the math, he goes through the whole entire section. He's really good.Remember to feel confident (it will take a long way) and keep your anxiety in check by not thinking about negative things that could happen. Do what you can with what you have and be comfortable with that.

Thank you so much. I did a practice test today with the McGraw-Hill's Practice test and I am currently focusing on the questions I got wrong using the ATI book. I did the Reading section and the Mathematics section and I must say that I have improved in the Math section tremendously. I still have to work on the Reading section, my only problem with the reading section is paying attention to what is being asked but other than that I did pretty well. But I have been studying my butt off and I feel so confident this time around having more time to study and not over studying like I did the first time. The science section is kicking my butt like I am not gonna let it defeat me!!!

You may want to try taking it in different sections. I didn't pass all of the sections the first time, so I am scheduled to take math and reading on one day (which I just barely missed passing the reading section) and then science a couple weeks later Since science is supposed to be the most difficult section. I also scheduled my tests to where I am currently taking my math course to take care of my gen eds, so that will help me brush up on math. I have bought so many books and flashcards that are geared towards the TEAS that it's ridiculous, but in the end it will all boil down to studying. Good Luck!! You can do it!! :up:

Thank you so much. I think I am concentrating on getting an 85% that I may be over studying or over thinking this test. I have 3 more weeks of studying and the only pre-reqs I have is A&P and the school I applied to you have to take the teas test before you sign up and I want to take the rest of my pre-reqs at the school to guarantee a spot in the nursing program for Sept. I am praying I pass this time around!!!!!!!!!


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Hello, I am in similar situation, I was wondering, where do you take the Remedial course? how do u apply for the test for the 2nd time, How much is wait to take it again?



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Anybody who fail TEAS V has to take Remedial prep class/ Exam? or you can just register another test withing the area.

Please help

How did you fare, NurseRee-Ree?