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NCTC ADN Fall 2020

Anyone else applying to ADN program at NCTC in Gainesville for Fall 2020? Still waiting to hear back about my status, just making sure I didn't miss the email.

It is July 7th and I have still heard nothing...

I emailed someone with the ADN program yesterday asking for any info, she replied this morning saying they are still working on it, and that it's been a very difficult process. I'm just not sure how it'll work with such short notice to get everyone drug tested (which I assume may take longer these days) and everything else that needs doing. Plus if someone is wait listed, then we have to wait even longer for those chosen to let them know yes or no. It's a stressful time for everyone for sure. :(

I did. Working on getting everything turned in. You?

I got in, now I have to battle to get my shot records but beyond that I think I'm good. I'm kind of bummed because they accepted a lot less people this round because of COVID so literally none of my friends got accepted with me.

That is a bummer 😕 I saw the disclaimer in the email that said even though I've been accepted there's a possibility of not starting in the fall due to having to cut class sizes even more. Do you know how many were accepted vs. how many there are normally? I'm curious about how clinicals will work too. The information video said the first semester is nursing home clinicals, but I didn't think that would be something we'd do now since they are the most vulnerable demographic.

I saw that disclaimer too and I'm praying that they don't make anymore cuts. They accepted like 1/3 of the original acceptances. They usually accept like 50-60 I think but I heard it's like less than 30 this semester. They are the most vulnerable demographic but I think with proper PPE and hygiene we may still be able to do those clinicals? If not I know that they have virtual clinicals available but from what I've heard I would much rather do the in-person version.

That's crazy about how they cut the class size already from 60 to less than 30.. I wonder how many people applied. I've been curious as to where I fell in the rankings, I have B's in both A&P I and II, and my TEAS scores were all good but got a 67 in science. I do have my EMT cert, maybe that helped.

Something that is weird to me is the 2 step TB test LOL I've had to get a TB test several times in my life for various jobs, I've never had to do 2 tests in a row. Thought I was done with that last week then realized I had to get another one this week. That'll be my last thing I have to turn in.

I’m currently getting my TB shot done. I have B’s in both A&P’s too and my overall TEAS score was an 88. I think I’m probably pretty low in the rankings which destroys all hope of me being eligible for the bachelor’s sister program but I’m still 10000% stoked that I am able to get my ADN at least!

I was wondering how that worked! I'd love to do the bridge program at the same time, I didn't know if we had to apply for that or if we qualify it automatically means we are in. I had an email exchange with Diane with the ADN program, she said an email will go out to those accepted that qualify and a meeting will be set up. I'm guessing you have a bachelor's? I'd like to think I qualify from the info she sent me, but when I got my degree a long time ago I didn't care about grades and my GPA was not fantastic. I've since taken lots of other classes with better grades, so I'm hoping that's good enough LOL

Yeaaaaa I have absolutely no idea how it works. I do not have a bachelor’s degree but I finished all of my bachelor’s pre-reqs and my GPA was a 3.74. Fingers crossed that I qualify though!

Did you get your fingerprint email today? I tried making an appointment close by but the only thing available in the next 7 days is in Oklahoma LOL I went ahead and made an appointment for tomorrow to just get it done since they said ASAP. I live north of the metroplex anyways so its no biggie. I just couldn't believe there were no appointments in the metroplex any time soon.

I did not... I have had my fingerprints done in Texas already but I don't know if I need to have them done again for the program.

Hahaaa JK. They sent it to my personal email. And it looks like I'm gonna have a 3 hour drive ahead of me both ways if I schedule it now.

Hi, am trying to apply to NCTC ADN program for Spring 2021. I would like to know how long it took for the transcripts to be evaluated? Please let me know how long it took for you guys. Congratulations to all of you that got in. Hope to join the program soon.

Thank you for the congratulations! As far as applying for the ADN program at NCTC I never received any type of progress reports. I just submitted all of my paperwork along with my application and prayed for the best. If you want to know if your application or transcript had been reviewed yet then you can email them and ask but otherwise you get an acceptance or a denial into the program once they send out those emails. Is there a specific reason you are trying to get your transcript evaluated?

I completed my Associates degree at another college and saw in their application process that I need to have a transcript evaluation form submitted when I submit the application to the ADN program. When I requested for the transcript evaluation it said it would take about 4-6 weeks so wanted to know how long it took for you guys if you were from other colleges.

Aclark, have you gotten your drug test email yet?

I have not gotten my drug test email yet

I obtained my associate's degree at NCTC so I'm sorry I couldn't help you with that part of the process


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